5 (Free) Ways To Get Over A Blogging Block

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So you all know I’ve been struggling with a little bit of writing block – I think I’ve just about come out the other side of it now… if anything I’m now actually struggling with a lack of light block, but that’s a whole other issue! In the mean time, I thought I would share with you 5 (free) ways I get over writing block…

Shop Your Stash | This is one of those things I LOVE to do, and I think a blog post on might be coming soon! It’s essentially where you go through your makeup (or wardrobe) and pick out a bunch of things you haven’t used in forever! It’s almost like you’re trying them again for the first time and it’s a great way to feel refreshed and new without spending a dime!

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Read other people’s blogs | Now I’m not saying you should just copy other people’s content, because that’s downright rude. However, I’ve heard many a people say that there’s no longer such thing as an original idea anymore. Which is an argument on itself. And as I’m not looking to start any arguments, you can still take inspiration and remind yourself of blog posts you were thinking of doing, or blog posts you have done that need a refresh

Refresh or part 2 an old blog post | Which brings me beautifully onto my next point… Those blog posts you wrote 2 years ago with your top 10 nude lipsticks, or top 5 cruelty free favourites… think of how much makeup has launched since then and how many things you’ve tried since then. Your favourites may have some cross over, but let’s face it, who remembers a post you wrote 2 years ago…!

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Season It Up | There’s nothing like a new season, or some sort of holiday to spring (ha! see what I did there with spring on the way!) new ideas! It’s not just a card shop’s favourite thing about our excessant need for 70 holidays (Valentine’s, Easter, Pancake Day, Halloween, Spring, Back to School), it’s a great way to tailer your blog for the time of year!

Try Something New | Ok, can be difficult when you’re in a  blog slump. But, for example, I am primarily a makeup (and sometimes lifestyle) blog, so posting about fashion gives me a whole avenue of ‘basic’ blog posts that I haven’t even explored yet.

What do you do to get out of a complete mind rut of blog post ideas.. I would love to hear them!

Katie x

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