ColourPop Wishlist | 48 Hour Free Shipping & Customs to UK?!

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So Zoella collaborated with Colourpop… shock right?! Anyhow, since she’s a British YouTube, Colourpop are doing free shipping AND customs to the UK are covered at the checkout (from 6PM WEDNESDAY 27TH FEB)! I mean, I have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of time and I couldn’t BE more excited. Having never tried anything from the range, but having seen them anywhere and everywhere, I’ve always wanted… well everything!

And while, of course, I will try and get hold of Zoella’s collaboration, but I will be happy if I get any one of the following items….

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No Filter Foundation Stix $10 | I’ve heard such good thing about the Colourpop foundations I kinda want the entire range! And the foundation stix are some of the best out there… supposedly!

No Filter Naturally Matte Foundation $12 | I feel like I’ve heard such mixed opinions about this… it’s made me want to try it more!

Concealer $6 | I mean the price of this is so right! But also, I’m always on the look out for a new concealer, and I’ve heard such good things about these one!

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BFF Liquid Liner in Try Me $8 and The Hills $8  | I know I should wish for the standard black liquid liner… but also, couldn’t care less. It feels very Christmassy to see these two colours together, but I feel like I haven’t seen a proper red eyeliner anywhere, and I really want a green one!

The Twins Loose Pigment $6 | I mean I have a loose pigment in pretty much this exact colour, so not sure I’ll actually be purchasing this… but it’s also gorgeous! And I feel like loose pigments are those things you forget to use, and then when you do you’re like ‘oh damn!’

Ultra Matte Lip in Snowfleek $6.50 | One of the things Colourpop is soo famous for is their lipsticks and I really really want a bright red one. Because it’s classic!

colourpop 3

I mean I obviously wanted it so much I accidentally put it here as well!

Dream Street Pressed Powder Palette $16 | Kathleen Lights (who I LOVE btw) released this palette what seems like a lifetime ago… and I’ve been lusting over it ever since! I mean just look at those teal colours – gorgeous!

Supershock Highlight in Flexitarian $6 | This has cult classic status and I’m so there for it! It looks like it’s going to be a GORGEOUS shade on my pale skin and the swatches I’ve seen online look amazing!

colourpop 4

Lippie Pencil in Curvii $5 | I mean I kind of want ALL the lippie pencils, as I know these really are a Colourpop fav, but this one is exceptionally right up my street! Stunning!

Ultra Matte Lip in LAX $6.50 | In the same way as the lippie pencils, I kind of want the entire range of these lipsticks! And this colour is amazing, perfect for these winter months (even if it is ridiculously unseasonably warm in the UK at the moment!)

Yes Please Pressed Powder Palette $16 | I mean this is so much like all the other palettes in my collection, but I also really don’t care! It’s amazing and that yellow and orange are right up my street!

Dream Team Lip Set $16 | You have a nude, a pink and a red. What more could you need?! And another Kathleen lights collab! Love this!

What’s on your wishlist from Colourpop? Are you picking something up?

Katie x


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  1. I didn’t pick up any Zoella bc I’m not a fan, but I did pick up a shadow, a brow gel, concealer and gel liner! Really excited as I don’t order from them that often! X

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