11 Books I’ve Read Recently

11 Books I've Read Recently
11 Books I've Read Recently

I’m actually such a book worm… well, actually I go through stages of being a completely bookworm, and then I go through stages where all my books gather dust and I forget what words are. However, I have finished a good number of books since the beginning of Summer and I thought I would share with you what I thought of them

Patrick Rothfuss – The Wind in the Willows

I think the idea of this book is amazing! It’s set around a man telling his story, set in a very cleverly constructed fantasy world… however it’s so slow, so painfully slow, that I did get very bored half way through, and ended up reading books before finishing this one.. shame really

Philip Pullman – The Amber Spyglass 

Ok, I know this is a YA book, but I also couldn’t care less. This is a really good series, Pullman’s imagination is literally out of this world and the characters are so relatable. Strongly recommend you read this series!

Gail Honeyman – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 

This is SO different to the other books in this line up, but it’s SO good! It deals with such prevalent issues of mental health in such a delicate and relatable way, it’s a really good read with such an unexpected ending!

11 Books I've Read Recently

Lauren Graham – Talking As Fast As I Can 

If you wanted to read about the birth of Gilmore Girls you will love this! Lauren is just as sassy as Lorelai and it’s a great, lighthearted read!

Lee Child – Jack Reacher Novels 

I’ve read a lot of these this year, but only have one here to show you. These are my ‘I want to read, but don’t want anything too deep or difficult’ reads! They’re a classic, easy to read, great story lines, a good level of predictability but still some twists and turns, and they’re just good books

L J Smith – Vampire Diaries Book 1-4 

I bought these because I LOVE the TV show… however, they’re like night and day. The characters in the books are different, either their character is different… or they’re just not there. I really don’t like these books and I’d strongly recommend the TV show over the books..

Peter James – Perfect People 

THIS BOOK! It was dark, twisted, written so well, had me on the edge of my seat. OMG! Basically a couple had a daughter who died of a genetic disease, and desperate not to lose another daughter to the same illness, they decide to go to a doctor who can give them their perfect child (with genetic alteration). However, things don’t entirely go to plan, and wow… read this!

11 Books I've Read Recently

David Lagercrantz – The Girl in the Spider’s Web & The Girl Who Take an Eye for an Eye 

I read the original three by Stieg Larsson and loved the story line and the writing style. He obviously passed back in 2004, and David Lagercrantz continued the story. The 4th book (just come out in film) is very good, it’s in the same style and has the same gripping style of it. However the 5th one does lose it’s way a little. But still great books

Douglas Adams – The Dirk Gently Omnibus

I don’t know what world Douglas Adams is in, but he’s so wacky! Still very well written, these books are hilarious, would highly recommend – oh, and don’t watch the Netflix version.. it just doesn’t make sense!

What books would you recommend, or have finished recently and LOVED?

Katie x

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  1. Such a lovely post ! Great selection. I am currently reading Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore.


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