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Collection has jumped on the band wagon that every other brand seems to be on at the moment, releasing loose and liquid holographic highlighters. Collection is a super affordable brand that comes out with some great products and so I had high hopes for these!

They’ve launched two different types of highlighters; their Gorgeous Glow Holographic Highlighter Loose Powder, available in three shades, and their Gorgeous Glow Liquid Highlighter Drops which come in two shades.

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The loose powder I have is in the shade Moondust. The other two other shades are Pixie (a baby holographic blue) and Aurora (a millennial holographic pink). They’re just £3.99 a pop and come in super slim plastic packaging. These are ok, but these powders do tend to cling to whatever they can. So I would recommend applying these to a very powdered face and in small layers. Then it can be super pretty! But it’s so easy to mess up, that I find them too hard work!

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The second part of the collection are the Gorgeous Glow Liquid Highlighter Drops. I have mine in the shade Strobe, but there is also a more champagne/peachy shade called Glow. These are a little more pricey at £5.99. However, I really really hate this! It dries in a matter of seconds and then just clings to the face in a very blue heavy undertone patch that does not look remotely natural. Then you can’t blend it out or cover it in any way!

Collection Gorgeous Glow

Overall, I was not really impressed by these. I feel like there are better highlighters out there and Collection has makeup that is far better!

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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