New | Collection Uliminating Touch Foundation

Collection Uliminating Touch Foundation Review
Collection Uliminating Touch Foundation Review

Ok, strictly speaking, this is not a new foundation, but they’ve extended the shade range from 5 to 10… give Collection a round of applause it’s gone from a shocking shade range to a …. shocking shade range! However, I guess 5 new shades is better than nothing and they’ve added a new super pale shade that matches my skin tone, so I thought it was about time I gave it a go.

And yes, as you know from the title and the images, I’m talking about the Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation. It is £5.99, you get 30ml (the standard amount), there are 10 shades which kind of cater the pale and medium skin tones, and the packaging is a stunning glass bottle with a pump… which is awesome!

Collection Uliminating Touch Foundation Review

So the claim on the website is:

“Radiance boosting formula with a ‘Your skin but better’ finish. Illumination Touch foundation provides a natural luminosity to the skin with a light, silky soft texture. Infused with a blend of skin care actives, it will keep you looking your best all day long. Long-lasting, medium-full coverage.”

I’m going to put it out there I HATE THIS FOUNDATION. On application it’s nice, it has a beautiful medium coverage with a nice ‘natural luminosity’. It looks super pretty on the skin and doesn’t seem to emphasise anything. I then add concealer, powder, and everything else and set with setting powder… and that’s when everything starts to go wrong. I’ve tried applying it with a range of primers, no primers, powder, no powder, setting spray, no setting spray, and I just can’t get it to sit nicely on the skin. Within a matter of about 15 mins the foundation completely separates on the skin and it just looks super cakey and.. well separated.

Collection Uliminating Touch Foundation Review

I hate to be so negative, because I know some people love this foundation and it’s one of their favourites… but this really doesn’t work on my skin… or with my skin.. or whatever. I really hate it and I don’t ever think I’ll ever wear it again.

I am in no way bashing Collection as a brand, their concealer, powder, and eyeliners are some of my favourites!

Have you tried this foundation, if so what did you think?

Katie x

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3 thoughts on “New | Collection Uliminating Touch Foundation

  1. I don’t rate this foundation formula either… It makes my skin look horrible and so cakey even if I’ve only applied a thin layer. Shows to much texture and is not flattering on my oily skin!

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