Galinee Skincare!

Galinee La Culture Skincare
Galinee La Culture Skincare

Today I’m talking you through a really under-appreciated French skincare brand – Galinée. Stocked on their website or on Look Fantastic in the UK, this brand features just 6 products of which I have tried 4 and they really do have an exceptionally individual formula.

Their entire brand is built around working with the natural bacteria and microorganisms you need on your skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. Yes, sometimes bacteria are a good thing. With a combination of prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid, these products are so beautiful for dry and sensitive skin! Their packaging is adorable and I love the combination of the peach, stone and blue! Let me talk you through the products I got my hands on..

Galinee La Culture Skincare

Hydrating Face Cream £34.90 (30ml) 

The first thing I notice about this brand is their products have such an unusual texture, it’s somewhere in between a gel and a cream. Meaning it feels super hydrating without feeling too heavy or sticky. I only had two 5ml samples of the face cream, but it was a really lovely face cream, with a texture that was really comfortable and quick absorbent, making it ideal for the morning pre-makeup.

Hand Cream £11.90 (50ml) 

I feel like hands really are that part of your body that gets stripped of all the bacteria that keep it healthy because as a society we’re told to wash our hands a million times a day and use anti bacterial hand gel and constantly scrub away at the skin on our hands. So, I feel like this brand is so targeted to a hand cream! The hand cream has the same texture as the face cream and is super fast absorbing. It leaved your hands feeling so soft and hydrated and mine ran out way to quickly!

Galinee La Culture Skincare

Body Milk £27.90 (200ml) 

I definitely think this is much better value for money, this is a huge bottle that is almost never ending! It comes with a pump which is awesome, and I find makes product last even longer. With the same gel texture as the face cream I found this worked even better on the body! The formula goes a long way, and absorbs quickly, and leaves you skin feeling super soft and smooth. I get very gentle eczema in the Summer for some reason and I found this really helped with that! I’ve been using this product every other day for over a month now and I’ve barely used half of it!

Galinee La Culture Skincare

Face Mask & Scrub £17.90 (100ml)

I’ve saved the best one till last. There’s no escaping that this brand is not the cheapest on the market, but this product is so so so worth the money and definitely the product I will keep using! This is the best face mask/scrub I have ever ever ever used! I’ve been using it twice a week (as instructed) for the last month or so and I still have a lot of product left. It’s a mask and scrub in one and I tend to apply as I get in the shower and then wash off just before I get out. And let me tell you, this leaves your skin feeling so soft! I have texture on my chin, and after using this it’s gone…. it’s remarkable. My skin has never looks as healthy and glowy as it has while I’ve been using this product!

Galinee La Culture Skincare

The brand doesn’t seem to have a scent, or if it does it’s so subtle I can’t notice it, so it’s great for those of you who struggle with scents.

A tip for those of you living in the UK, at the moment Galinée is on 3 for 2 on Look Fantastic… so think I might be picking up three of the face masks… whoops!

Have you heard of this brand? If not, would you consider giving it a go?

Katie x

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  1. Lucky you! I would love to try these products from Galinee! I’m really into probiotics since I’ve seen how probiotics changed my skin and how I get rid of acne with probiotics supplement. So now, I would be really interested to understand how topical application of probiotics can enhance and improve skin condition! Thanks for your review

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