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Review Rimmel Kajol Eyeliner
Review Rimmel Kajol Eyeliner

I’m not sure I’ve ever really been one for the Kajal Kohl pencils, I’m very much a liquid liner girl – doesn’t have to be black, just liquid. However, Rimmel have launched three shades in their Rimmel Ultimate Kohl Eyeliner Kajal. Three shades you say? Yes, I didn’t pick up the shade Black Obsidian because I already have a million and one black eyeliners I never used.

Plus, the other two shades looked far more interesting.

Review Rimmel Kajol Eyeliner

The two shades I have here are Sapphire (purple) and Smoked Emerald (green). They’re creamy and easy to apply, pigmented, smudge out beautifully but do dry down and set making them fairly long lasting (however, if you do rub your eye.. then they will budge). I find the lack of precision in these pencils a little aggravating, and with the shape of the pencil, it’s only going to get worse with time. But, I think that’s just Kajal pencils all over, and if you are into this kind of thing, then you probably won’t mind.

Not really sure how long lasting these are going to be though, however. You can’t seem to sharpen the pencil or push any more product up. So, as far as I can see, you only have the bit of product you can see in the picture. Which is a bit of a shame. Then again, how often am I really going to use a product like this?

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They’re only £5.99, and so reasonably price. However, would I recommend them? Not really sure. I think they’re just not a product for me. I prefer a more precise application. Because, honestly, if I want to smoke something out on the lash line, I tend to use an eyeshadow.

Katie x

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