Birchbox x Cath Kidston | April 2018

Birchbox x Cath Kidston | April 2018
Birchbox x Cath Kidston | April 2018

This month Birchbox – usually my favourite beauty subscription box – have partnered up with Cath Kidston to celebrate their 25th birthday! This month the box contains 5 items all wrapped up in this super cute Cath Kidston box.

Birchbox x Cath Kidston | April 2018

Model Co Baked Highlighter (RRP £24)

One) how is this full size, it’s tiny! Two) How it this a highlighter? It looks more like a blush topper? Putting those two things aside, this is a cool product. I love receiving makeup in these boxes, and Birchbox always has the best ballance of skincare/haircare and makeup.

Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel (RRP £8.60) 

Who doesn’t love a good brow gel? This is a tinted gel with a brush very similar to that of the Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s vegan and from first use, it’s pretty good. We’ll see on this one, but it’s a good price!

Birchbox x Cath Kidston | April 2018

Cath Kidston Hand Cream (RRP £2.50) 

Ok, I’m one of these people who is so over handcream now. I feel like you get them free in a million and one boxes and I’m just not in the mood to receive another one. Also, it’s a super floral scent, which I’m not all about. So, for me, this one is not the one…. cute packaging though.

Beauty Protector Protect and Volume (RRP £21.50) 

Possibly slight out my budget for a repurchase, however, will definitely give it a go! This product has a super sweet scent, plus it gives volume AND heat controls. I haven’t got round to using it yet, but they sound like great claims!

Birchbox x Cath Kidston | April 2018

Birchbox Brush Cleaner (RRP £5) 

Ok, I am the worse at deep cleaning my brushes. I use the B. Brush Cleaner all the time, and then gets them pretty clean, but soap and water… nah, I’m not about that life (grim I know). However, this gets rid of the completely hand drying motion of cleaning your brushes… so you know.. maybe I’ll give it a go! I always see these hovering about in shops, but never pick them up. So we’ll see here too!

Have you received this month’s Birchbox? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. I have something similar to one of those rubber/silicone brush cleaner things and I find it really useful. I got mine free with an online order a few years ago and I find it does a good job with all my brushes. I think mine’s called a brush egg x

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