New | Max Factor Creme Contour Kit

Max Factor Creme Contour Kit Review
Max Factor Creme Contour Kit Review

OK, I have to admit first and foremost, I’m terrible at cream contouring. It’s a skill I’ve never really been able to master and one I’ve always hoped to be able to say I could do. I use my Collection Contour Stick (a cream stick contour which I love), but that’s pretty much the only one I’ve been able to get along with. Other than that, I’m a powdered contour user all the way.

So, when I saw that Max Factor had come out with a new contour kit, I thought I might as well pick it up, give it a go, and see whether I could – once and for all – master the skill that’s been escaping my grasp.

Max Factor Creme Contour Kit Review

Called their Miracle Contouring Palette, it comes with 8 shades perfect for chiselling out those cheeks to the best of your ability. The pans don’t have those weird greasy marks like a lot of cheaper cream products do, and they felt nice under my finger tips when I had a quick swatch. So, so far, I had high hopes that this would be the product for me.

The packaging is sleek, elegant and simple and the pan sizes are good. There are eight different tones of contour/highlight that would cater every skin tone, but do edge a little on the warm side for the most part. There’s a yellow colour, to go under the eye and brighten, a colour (that on me) would work as a concealer, a very peachy shade (which I’m not entirely sure of it’s use), and then 5 pans that gradually get darker… and warmer.

Max Factor Creme Contour Kit Review

This is actually a relatively easy contour kit to use. The colours come out initially very pigmented, but blend out really easily; possibly to easily… so that you’ve blended it out almost into nothing-ness. It takes a good while to really build up and make look as effective as a powdered contour.

However, I did find the more I built it up, to look more intense and give my face the same effect it does with the Collection Contour stick or any of my contour powders,  the more you gradually looked muddy and less natural.

Max Factor Creme Contour Kit Review

To be honest, as harsh as it sounds, this product is a miss for me. Whether that’s because my cream contour skills suck, or because it doesn’t give the desired effect I’m looking for, or because the contour shades are just too warm, I really don’t know. But nothing about this product makes me want to use it all the time, and so it’s not one I would tell you to all run out and pick up.

Max Factor Creme Contour Kit Review

However, not to say I’m bashing the brand. Their primers and foundations are some of my favourites and their eyeshadows and mascaras are also amazing.

Have you tried this contour kit? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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