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L'Oreal Primer Shots Review
L'Oreal Primer Shots Review

I remember back in the day when I didn’t wear primers… like ever. Then they were something I really started to get into (especially with the Max Factor ones, hence why they hold a special place in my heart). However, the brand I have never tried a primer from is L’Oreal. So, when I saw they had launched four (five) different primers (called primer shots), that I needed to try them. It was the perfect way to try out a little bit of everything from this part of the range.

At £8.99 a pop, they’re pretty reasonable (and cheaper than the Max Factor Face Finity primer – which is £10.99). The packaging of all of them is sleek, slim and tall with a very functional pump. I think my favourite is the matte primer with it’s black packaging – because I’m super exciting with my colour options.

The four primers are; Anti-Redness, Pore Refining, Mattifying, and Luminising… something out there for everyone.

NB: there’s also a fifth (Anti-Fatigue), but it wasn’t in the shop I went in… and I really don’t need that many primers.

L'Oreal Primer Shots Review


Normally these primers terrify me because they make me look a little sick, or like the Wicked Witch of the West. However, I have to say, this actually doesn’t do that. You apply the green product on to your face and kind of panic, but then it blends out really well and you don’t look green at all… however, you could also argue it doesn’t do the most amazing job at counter acting extreme redness – just that very subtle redness I sometimes get on my forehead. But it does make a very subtle difference. I think this is my least favourite of the primers.


I wouldn’t say this is the most mattifying thing in the world, I mean it is in no way illuminating… but there’s definitely that (not-greasy) greasy look you always have once you’ve applied any cream product to your face. However, putting that aside, it is a really nice primer. It makes your skin feel super smooth and hydrated. If I was L’Oreal I would call this the Mattifying-Hydrating Primer Shot. It makes your foundation apply beautifully on top, and it makes your foundation last as long as basically every other primer. And there is a very subtle reduction in oils throughout the day.

Pore Refining

This is very similar to the mattifying primer but just a little heavier. So, if you don’t like heavy primers, go for the mattifying one, if you’re not bothered, then go for the pore refining primer. As it does everything the mattifying one does, just more. Your face feels smoother and softer and foundation glides on better. It’s not quite as hydrating, but it’s definitely not drying. I think this one is my personal favourite.

L'Oreal Primer Shots Review


Wow, this is soo luminising it’s more like a highlighter. Initially, it terrified me and I was applying it thinking ‘what have you done’, but apply a normal, not super luminising, foundation and it actually makes you look so healthy. On first application this looks stunning, you skin looks so alive and… well… healthy. However, I’m do get greasy throughout the day and so it’s actually not one I could see myself using everyday, and especially not in the middle of summer.

Have you tried these primers? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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