My 2017 Advent Calendars

My beauty advent calendars
My beauty advent calendars
My beauty advent calendars

Advent Calendars 2Today’s the day! It’s the beginning of advent. Just like last year, I will be opening way too many advent calendars throughout the month and sharing with you everything I get. So, to kick of the month, here are the advent calendars I will be opening this year.

Sleek Advent Calendar £35

Sleek is definitely one of my favourite brands, and this is one of the better advent calendars, it being full of makeup. So, I can’t wait to open up a different item of makeup every day in December

NYX Advent Calendar £50

I’m one of those rare people in the world who doesn’t own many NYX lip products (I own 3 to be precise), but I’ve heard nothing but good things about all of them. With 24 different lip products throughout the month… eeek!

ASOS Advent Calendar £55

This was one of the advent calendars I really wanted from last year but missed out on. However, here I am this year. This advent calendar included an amazing mix of makeup, skincare and haircare – a good allrounder!

Look Fantastic Advent Calendar £79

One of the more expensive calendar I’ve bought, and one of the bulkier ones. It comes with a number of drawers and could be re-used as as something to have on your dresser. Another great mix of everything.

Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar £20

I’ve never really dabbled in Tanya’s makeup, and while this calendar is only 12 days, I feel like it gives me a great chance to try it out.

M&S Advent Calendar £35

I had this advent calendar last year and found some truly exceptional products from it, so I can’t wait to try it again. Plus, look at it, it’s adorable!

One of the advent calendars from last year which I loved, but haven’t bought again is the Body Shop advent calendar. Purely because I have everything from the brand I want right now, and so buying the advent calendar (for me) would’ve been a waste of money. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my advent calendar last year.

What advent calendars are you opening this year?

Katie x

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