New In | Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick

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Maybelline lip products are some of my favourites, and after hearing some people rave about these, I was very excited. With 10 shades at £9.99 a pop, they look promising.

The packaging is simple, elegant, and you know what colour your grabbing before you open the bottle – which is amazing. The dofer applicator is a little weird (it has like a dip in the middle), but it seems so much softer on the lips than any other, which is really cool. The formula of these lipsticks are thick, like really thick. They take a long time to dry down and stop being sticky, which is kind of annoying, and they feel super uncomfortable on the lips while they dry.

BUT, not all hope is lost. These lipsticks are super pigmented, which means you don’t actually need a lot of the stuff to have high impact colour. So, if you apply with a brush instead of the dofer applicator, which can apply quite a heavy layer, then it feels so much more comfortable on the lips, and you still get the stunning colour AND because it’s not so thick, it’s so much more comfortable on the lips.. and the lasting power is impressive.. however the lipstick is still not kiss proof.

So, these lipsticks have their ups and it’s downs.. but the colours are stunning!

Katie x

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  1. I have like 5 of these now and I love them! I agree that the dry down is a little weird because they stay sticky longer, but I’ve worn them so often now that I don’t even notice it any more.

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