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I’ve now owned everyone of these colour changing lipsticks from Barry M, and while they are obviously very gimiky, I do actually really like the formula and colour of the Genie lipstick, and I can see why it’s some people’s favourite lipstick.

So they’ve launched another lipstick to the range, and this time it’s a yellow one, which turns baby pink. So, essentially, this does work, the lipstick does go a really lovely baby pink colour on your lips. It’s comfortable, moisturising, comes out somewhere between glossy and satin, and is fairly long lasting. However, this shade just doesn’t suit my complexion or style, and so I don’t know if I will be reaching for it on the everyday.

But, essentially, a really fun product, and if you think this colour will suit you, go for it!

Have you tried these, if so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

5 thoughts on “New | Barry M Lipstick in Unicorn

  1. This looks AWESOME. I would probably just use this as a display item. Actually, maybe I would use it. Who knows. I need to get it and try it to find out lol

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