Review | Morphe Copper Spice Palette

Review | Morphe Copper Spice Palette
Review | Morphe Copper Spice Palette
Review | Morphe Copper Spice Palette Swatches

First thing to say, this is not my first Morphe palette (you can read my review of the 35W palette here), and so I sort of knew what I was expecting. At £19 for 25 shadows, these palettes are amazing value!

First things first, the formula is exceptional. The pigment is there, the mattes are a little less impressive, but they build up and blend out really well, so I don’t really care. They all blend together so well, they last a long time, and the shimmers are just stunning. I mean, I could say loads of stuff, but I feel like it’s all the same as my previous review, because the formula is the same.

Let’s talk packaging. This is a very basic, not particularly expensive looking packaging, but I guess it does the job, and it’s plastic (as opposed to cardboard), and it doesn’t feel flimsy, so you can’t really complain. A mirror would be great, but that’s a problem with all Morphe palettes! Other than that, no complaints.

The colour range is very me; a collection of earthy toned nudes. They compliment each other very well. However, I feel like the palette could be halved, a lot of shades are very similar and very samey, which is a tad annoying, but for the price it really isn’t bad.

Overall, a nice palette and really good value and quality, but is it revolutionary and will change your life? Probably not.

Katie x

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11 thoughts on “Review | Morphe Copper Spice Palette

  1. Really great review! I just said on another post – been after a morphe palette for ages but I can’t seem to narrow it down, mainly because of what you mentioned… a lot of the colours are very similar but I suppose if that’s the look you love, it’s not too bad! The swatches look amazing too xx

    1. I live in warm toned brown/red/gold shades – I seriously have an issue! so, it doesn’t bother me too much tbh, I just feel like it could be a more versatile palette if they didn’t have soo many similar shades 😛

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