Review | B. Makeup Brushes

Review | B. Makeup Brushes
Review | B. Makeup Brushes

We’re always searching for the perfect brush, and when brands come out with affordable ones, we all get excited! Superdrug’s own brand (B.) has a full range of makeup brushes, and those long time readers among you will know I love the B. Powder Brush… a lot. But I thought I would try out (more or less) the entire range.

(Disclaimer: I bought most of these in sets that were in clearance in our store after Christmas)

First of all, the price range is between £5 and £10, making them just a little cheaper than Real Techniques, but more or less on the same ball park, and so (whether right or not), I found myself comparing them to those. I like the packaging, while it does have a somewhat cheaper feel to it, the matte, light-grey packaging does sort of appeal to my aesthetics, and the bristles on all the brushes are super soft. They wash really well, actually I think some of them get better with washing (the powder brush especially), they’ve never shredded, and I think all round they’re good brushes.

Finishing Brush

I haven’t quite found a purpose for this brush at the moment, actually, to be honest, I’ve never really used it. Nothing quite worked for me, and so I just didn’t bother.

Concealer Brush

I’m very much a believer of you don’t have to use things in the way people tell you to. For me this is a really nice eyeshadow blending brush (a brush the brand lacks). It’s super soft and blends out eyeshadow beautifully. It may, infact, work well as a concealer brush, but I blend concealer and foundation with a sponge… so I’ll never know.

Review | B. Makeup Brushes & Sponge

Fan Brush

This brush is so soft it actually tickles. I tend to use my Real Techniques Angles Highlighter brush to apply highlighter, but as fan brushes go, this is a really good one!

Eyeshadow Brush

I actually dislike this brush. I know these stiff eyeshadow brushes are really good for packing on eyeshadow, but I have one from Real Techniques that does the same job but is so much less stiff, and so feels better on the eyes. So, for me, this is a miss.

Foundation and Lip Brush

I’ve paired these together, because for their different jobs they’re actually probably really nice. but I have no need for either of these brushes. I just don’t use them.

Flat Contour Brush

If you want a harsh, defined, ready to kill contour, then you will love this. It’s a really dense and thick brush, that’s still super soft, and packs on contour perfectly. You’ll need another brush to blend it out a tad, but I still love it.

Review | B. Makeup Brushes

Angled Contour Brush

I love contour brushes in this shape, I find them really easy to work with to get a soft or a harsh contour. This one isn’t super dense, and so is more on the softer side of things, but the bristles are super soft and it applies a soft contour well (how many times am I going to say soft?!), or can be paired with the flat contour brush to blend out a harsh contour.

Powder Brush

You all know I love this! A lot. It’s a super large, soft, perfect powder brush that is just the right level of dense. And I think gets better with each wash. I love it a lot!

Makeup Sponge

hmm. At only £3.99, these are one of the cheapest ones around… but really do spend a bit more and buy a Real Techniques or Eco Tools sponge. They’re so much softer and nicer and blend out product better. But if you really can’t stretch the extra few pounds, I guess it does work.

Have you tried any of these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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4 thoughts on “Review | B. Makeup Brushes

  1. Just read your post here. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. Is there a particular type of makeup brush set that you exclusively use? And do you have a preference on brand? I’m kind of new to this makeup thing and there’s just so many to choose from… Thanks!

    1. I have to say I do use a lot of different brands, but the Superdrug B. Makeup range brushes are very good (and affordable), and the Real Techniques brushes really are exceptional.. but a teeny tiny bit more. And Superdrug (who sell both brands) often have 3for2 on makeup/makeup accessories… x

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