Top 10 Drugstore Products

Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products
Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products

I am a massive fan of drugstore products, I feel like 90% of the time that they are just as good as high end products and it can be worth saving your money. As I filmed my makeup collection over on my YouTube channel, I thought I would share with you my current top 10 favourites from the drugstore, and then tomorrow I’m hitting you up with my favourite high end products – because sometimes it’s nice to spoil yourself.

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Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

This is still my favourite foundation of all time. It’s scarily the only foundation I’ve ever finished and repurchased, and one I tend to go back to all the time! It’s great coverage, I fine it’s a nice natural finish, it lasts really well, and it matches my skin tone – what more could you need?

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

While I still love my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I find this one incredible to lighten under your eyes and highlight anywhere else. The coverage is enough for me, but it isn’t as high coverage as other concealers on the market. It doesn’t crease on me and it just makes me look so awake and healthy!

Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products

Sleek Contour Palette

This sat in my collection for ages without being used, that was until I got super lazy with my makeup and wanted to use as few a products as possible… that’s when I fell in love with this. All three products are amazing, and look so natural and beautiful against my pale complexion. Perfect for travel as well as at home!

Body Shop Bronzer

The only bronzer I’ve managed to make a dent in, and the first bronzer I ever fell in love with. This is perfect! Not too warm or too cool, it’s matte, not too dark, and works for both bronzing and contouring… plus the packaging is gorgeous!

GOSH Eyeshadow Palette in To Enjoy in New York 

This eyeshadow palette was the first thing that got me out of my rut of wearing nothing but brown and gold on my eye. The purple-toned eyeshadow look I can create with this looks amazing! They’re pigmented, long lasting, and easy to blend. Plus, this brand is cruelty free! Awesome!

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Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products

L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara

Disclaimer: I’ve only had this like a week… however, I am head over heels in love! This makes my lashes look incredible! Like literally! There will be a first impression going up on my YouTube channel in like a week or so, and I got very excited about this… and I now know why! Wow!

Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil

This is all I’ve been using on my brows for nearly 6 months (I literally use nothing else). I’ve had 4, I think! And I know I am going to continue to buy this for ages. It’s a mechanical pencil that makes filling in my brows super easy and the end result looks natural but put together!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks

I know… I know. My love for these has gone on since my first blog post. They’re still my favourite. That’s when you know it’s meant to be.

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Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products

Barry M Nail Polish (Chai)

My love of these has also gone on forever. Barry M nail polishes are the best! But, if I had to pick my favourite, it would be Chai. It looks great with a matte top coat, shiny top coat, with a glitter on top (usually Jazzy Jubilant by Essie), or just on it’s own! Love!

No.7 High Shine Lip Crayons

Another love of mine, if I’m going for a super easy, comfortable lipstick that you can top up without even needing a mirror, this is the one I go for. These are awesome!

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Ok, now my gushing of excitement is over, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know your favourites!

Katie x

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      1. Yep!! Ive got a few expensive lipsticks and I find the drugstore ones last longer and are much more nice to apply, even if the packaging is bad! ❤❤

  1. I haven’t heard people mention GOSH in so long!! Glad to see it pop up again. I have always heard good things about the Body Shop Bronzer, I think that is next on my list! xx

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