Powder Drawer | The Bumper Christmas Edition

Powder Drawer | The Bumper Christmas Edition
Powder Drawer | The Bumper Christmas Edition

For those of you who have never heard of the Powder Drawer… you’re missing out. They are a non-subscription beauty box service. They release new boxes, I’d say, 4 or 5 times a year, and they are exceptional. Truly exceptional. I bought the two Christmas boxes, and I’m reviewing one today, and one tomorrow (so tune back in tomorrow).

Today is the Beauty Drawer Bumper Christmas Edition which was £40 (quick editing note: I think this has sold out now.. sorry :'( ). And it contains LOADS of products I’ve always wanted to try!

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Powder Drawer | The Bumper Christmas Edition

Indeem Derma One – This is a supplement you take alongside your meals, and it’s meant to make your skin look and feel amazing!

NUXE Prodigieux Shower Oil – Such a luxury shower oil! It’s super hydrating, and if you have super dry skin, then leave it on for a few mins and it’ll be really moisturising. CANNOT WAIT!

Elemis Botanical Body Cream – With a subtle scent of lavender and chamomile, this will be perfect to use just before you go to sleep. Think I’m going to have to give this a go for sure.

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Day Cream SPF15 – I hear such good things about this. I feel like Olay gets associated with anti-ageing. But, when I filled out the quesionnaire, I told them I was only 21… so it should be perfect for my age range… I guess.

Foreo LUNA Play Mini – I have wanted to try one of these for the longest times. So, I am super excited to try this. EEK!

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner – I am slightly nervous to try this (because I don’t like the smell of coconut). But it’s meant to be amazing at repairing your hair, helping to detangle it, and all of that good stuff!

Powder Drawer | The Bumper Christmas Edition

NARS Orgasm Blush – I have to say, this was the reason I bought this box. I’ve wanted this blush for the longest time. And I am beyond excited for this. You literally have no idea.

Coach Eau de Parfum – A floriental scent, with raspberry and vanilla…. sooo up my street, can’t wait.

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Mist – I have never tried fake tan, and I feel like St. Tropez is where it’s at with fake tan. So, I can’t wait to give this a go… think I might try it for an evening in the comfort of my own home first… but I’ll keep you posted.

Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Cream – This is supposed to be a really light weight cream, that combats all sorts of skin problems while allowing your skin to breath… which sounds truly exciting.

Maybelline Loaded Bold Lipstick – It’s a matte, that is still creamy. It comes in the shade Berry Bossy which is the shade they matched to my skin tone… so I’m very excited.

Philosophy Cleanser – This has a massive cult following, so it’s one I’ve wanted to try for AGES.

Powder Drawer | The Bumper Christmas Edition

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum – Balance Me is an incredible skin care brand, so this is exciting. It’s meant to kill bacteria in your pores, adding chamomile to soothe, and so helps clear up spots – which is exactly what I need!

Nip & Fab Glyco Pads – Nip & Fab is actually a really expensive brands, but one that gets such great reviews. And this is one of those things I’ve wanted to try for ages.

Lipcote Lip Sealer – I feel like everyone in the universe has tried this, except from me. It’s meant to seal your lips and make them kiss proof. So, I can’t wait to put this to the test!

And that is everything. Powder box is an incredible service. They have the odd product in there that they custom change to your answers to a questionnaire at the beginning of your order. Which means the products are more likely to be what you want/need. And I have had a number of them over the last year, and I completely love them.

Have you ever tried them? Let me know!

Katie x

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