Review: LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub


I never really used a lip scrub because, honestly, I didn’t entirely get the point. However, when my lips dry out in the Winter it’s when I really notice how much I need a lip scrub. And, I have to say, I think none compare to the LUSH lip scrubs.

Lush actually do a number of lip products – that you can see here – including lip balms, lip tints and (obviously) lip scrubs, and I have to say they’re actually really nice. But, today we’re here to talk about the Bubblegum lip scrub. At £5.50 for 25g it’s not the cheapest product in the World, but I actually think it’s a good price, and I’d be very happy to purchase this again when it runs out.


Essentially it’s a sugar scrub, with some bubblegum flavouring. So it both smells and tastes amazing, so you can’t complain… and it reminds me of the lip glosses I used to have when I was younger (they were rollerball lip glosses that tasted of lemonade and fruit punch – nom!).

You rub them on your lips, it’s harsh enough to make a difference, but soft enough that it doesn’t hurt or damage your lips. Then you can either rub it off… or (this is what I do) lick it off. Yes, it’s edible, not sure I would recommend sitting there eating the entire pot, but you can lick off the excess off your lips. It leaves your lips feeling super soft, and when followed with a lip balm, your lips feel so much healthier and youthful and ready for a matte lipstick!


This lip scrub has allowed me to feel comfortable wearing a bold matte lip, and I haven’t looked back. So, if you haven’t tried a lip scrub, you should!


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