Reviewing 10 Concealers

Reviewing 10 Concealers
Reviewing 10 Concealers

I think concealers are one of those products that everyone tends to have their favourites, and then they rebuy them over and over (I know I do). Today I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on (actually) all the concealers in my collection; one, because this is sorta what I do, and two, because there were 10 and it made a nice number!

N.B: The shades are all the lightest one they do…. I’m pale af

Reviewing 10 Concealers

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

This is quite a light weight concealer. If you just have a little bit of redness to cover, you might love this. However, it really doesnt deal well with spots, very red patches, or under the eyes (as it creases). So a bit of a meh concealer for me.

L’Oreal Lumi Concealer

One of those clicky concealers (if you know what I mean), this works amazingly under the eyes, down the nose, and a bit on the forehead to highlight and really lift the face. Not the highest coverage, but luckily I don’t have bad under-eye circles.

Miss Sporty Stay Perfect 10 Concealer

Definitely the cheapest of the bunch, at £2.99, and while the coverage isn’t incredible, it’s actually not a bad concealer.

Rimmel Match Perfect Concealer

A new find for me (I’ve only just hauled it), but it’s already planting itself as one of my favourites. It covered redness and spots really well, can be a tad heavy under the eyes, but if applied lightly, works for that as well. I feel like this is a great travel friendly concealer as it does everything!

Reviewing 10 Concealers

Body Shop Concealer

I don’t actually know the name of this, but it’s another clickly concealer. I have to say, if you’re in the market for one of these, go for the L’Oreal one. This is the lightest shade they do, but it’s really orange on my skin. It also has tiny specks of shimmer, which is meant to help highlight, but just settles into fine lines…mmmm (sorry if you love this…)

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

This wins the award as the most creamy. The applicator and formula together create such a velvety feeling, this concealer blends out seamlessly. Only complaint…. I could do with it being just a smidge lighter, as it doesn’t really brighten my under eye area quite as much as some of the other concealers do. But still a great product!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Do I actually need to say anything? As raved about products go, this one wins the award. It’s high coverage, blends well, lasts a long time, is light enough for my skin, AND it’s only £4.19!?

Bourjois Radiance Reveal

This is my go to under eye concealer. It’s a light weight, not super high coverage concealer (which, we’ve established I don’t need under my eyes), but it does such a good job at really brightening everything up. It makes me look so alive and youthful (I know, I’m only 21… but you know what I mean). I love this!

Reviewing 10 Concealers

Benefit Boiing Concealer

The only high end concealer I own, but 100% not a regret. This is a proper high coverage, heavy duty concealer. DO NOT use this under the eyes, as it will look drastic. But if you have anything you need to cover, but nothing else is working, I love this. Plus, of all the concealers, this is by far the best match to my skintone – meaning it doesn’t emphasise spots or anything!

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

One I really wish I got more use out of. To be honest I carry it around of touch ups when I know I’m going to be out the house for the entire day (as it comes with a powder and mirror). However, other than that, I haven’t used it a heck of alot. I feel like it’s because I tend towards liquid concealers for their ease.

What is your favourite concealer? Let me know if it’s one of these, or let me know your recommendations (as these are basically the only ones I’ve tried).

Katie x

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