Review: Max Factor Master Piece Max Mascara


I’ve been using this mascara more and more recently, and it’s becoming on of my favourite mascaras. I didn’t have high expectations when I bought this mascara, the only other Max Factor mascara I’d ever tried was a complete fail, it didn’t do anything for my lashes, and to be honest I completely hated it. So I went into this mascara thinking I’d hate it to. And on first impressions, I really did. It didn’t do a lot for my lashes, and so I buried it in the bottom of my collection and forgot about it.


I then thought I would give it another go, and let me tell you, my opinion has changed… a lot. The brush makes it really easy to get every single eyelash, and while on first coat it’s nothing much, when this mascara is layered in coats it looks stunning. It gives you volume, and length, and definition without looking clumpy. So, if I have time in the morning to spend on mascara, this is definitely one I reach for. It looks stunning on the lashes!


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