5 Bloggers I’m Loving Right Now Pt 2

You guys where SUCH a fan of the first one I thought I just HAD to bring it back for part 2! And while I would love to say I’ll do this every month or something, I’m realistically going to do it when I’ve gathered enough bloggers that I’m enjoying rather than reaching for it.. if you know what I mean. I have an excel spreadsheet where I organise all things blog and I’ve been keeping track of them there!

A little bit about my blogging consumption! I read about 60-70% of beauty & lifestyle blogs on my desktop Mac. These tend to be the blog posts I comments, or like, or retweet about! A lot of these I discovered either via Twitter or via the WordPress Reader app. And then I read about 30-40% on my phone. Now, for these I’m silent readers… as in I don’t comment or like, mainly because I’m not logged in on my phone’s browser, and partly because when I consume content in this way it’s while I’m on the loo, waiting for the lift, waiting to pasta to finish cooking.. you know, more off the cuff stuff. And I tend to find these posts through Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’. So I consume A LOT of blogs. And while some of them I may only go on once, or may go on multiple times and not register it, some of them stick with me, some of them I subscribe to their mailing list, or purposefully seek them out. And these are the blogs I’m sharing here!

Now safe to say I still LOOOOVEE the blogs from part one still, so if you’ve missed that check it out first!

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The Reluctant Blogger

Danielle gives me all the feels! There is something about how clean and curated her blog is it makes me feel like I’m scrolling through a magazine’s online website. She has a lovely range of beauty, lifestyle and fashion content, and I find her so inspiring! Like if there was a blog I would want to be, it’s hers! And not because I don’t love these other blogs here, but I just love her blog balance! She’s also a fellow marketeer… be it for fancy high end beauty brands and not in events… but whatever, I’m going to pretend I’m as cool ok!


Luxury Blush

Luxury Blush to me is similar to Jasmine Talks Beauty from part one of this series. Hannah is one of those bloggers I used to read and massively look up to when I first started this blog (let’s call that phase 1 as we all know I abandoned it for 2 years), and then when I came back I was so pleased and relieved she was still at it and I could continue to indulge in her content. As a pretty makeup heavy blog, she always influenced me to mix up my photography a little and bring more textures into my content – her photography is just next level! And I love how clean and easy to read her content is! A classic, and if you like my content I’m sure you’ll LOVE hers! Not that she needs a shoutout from little old me, but basically go check her out!


A Meg Journey

As a lifestyle lead blog, Meg’s content is like a hug. There’s something so warm and inviting about it and I love her motivational and seemingly positive outlook on things! She writes a lot about being kind, self love, motivation and positivity and I’ve often turned to her content during this seemingly endless lockdown in the UK as a bit of a pick me up. It’s like she’s a friend acknowledging the pressures or struggles of navigating your 20s (though I can imagine it rings true for other ages), and then explains how you can try and come out the other side of it stronger and happier!


Lucy Mary

You know when you ‘meet’ people on the internet and you’ve never really even had a conversation with them but they seem like they could be the sweetest person in the world. Yeah, that’s Lucy! She has everything from beauty reviews, to surviving 2020/2021 posts, to honest and open chats about the blogging and online community to your general lifestyle chats! Her content always feel so thought out and well written and I feel like she’s one of those blogs I turn to for advice, not only for how the hell one runs a blog but for general life stuff. A must read!


Beauty Obsessed

A newer find to me than Jasmine or Hannah, but another brilliant makeup blog. Another blog with incredible photography… like the thoughts that go into her flatlays is something else! But Aaliyah’s blog is one of those I go to when I’m about to do an order on Cult Beauty or something and want a bit of inspo of what to pick up. She tends to do roundup posts as opposed to single product reviews, but it means you can get a quick, yet still in-depth review of a product or range of products before you chose whether to make the plunge and buy it for yourself… also means you get to discover things you’ve never thought of! However, I apologise in advance for the damage to your bank account! ahah!


Once again I’ve gone very UK based, and I promise it’s just a coincidence! But there are 5 more bloggers I’m head over heels obsessed with! And I can’t wait to see what they come out with in 2021! And if you haven’t checked them out.. go on… I dare you!

Let me know down below who you’ve been loving recently, I’m completely down for discovering new blogs!

Katie x

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59 thoughts on “5 Bloggers I’m Loving Right Now Pt 2

    1. This is in perfect timing! Lately, I’ve been reading and loving some lifestyle and beauty blogs! I’m so excited to check these out. Thank you so much for sharing! 💖

  1. I already read a couple of these blogs already – but I do love Jasmine Talks Beauty so I’ll need to check out Luxury Blush! x

    Emily | emiliamarlowe.co.uk

  2. Thanks for sharing these – I’ve read a few of them before but definitely going to be checking out the ones I’m less familiar with. I love these types of blog posts!

    Tash – A girl with a View

  3. I only follow one of these bloggers (I think) and that’s Lucy – I’ve really enjoyed her writing style for a long time so good choice! In all honesty fashion/beauty blogging is not my area of expertise (you can probably tell) but good on you for being so keen to promote others as it’s genuinely a lovely thing to do.

  4. These all sound like such lovely blogs to read! I’ll definitely be checking them out, thank you for the recommendations x

  5. I’ve heard of a few of these bloggers, but will be sure to check out the others! I love posts like these as they’re a fab way of discovering some amazing people – thanks for sharing x

  6. This is such a good list… With Instagram and facebook taking over, The charm of the blogging world seem to be fading..but people like me are so not over it..For me blogging and blog read is such a therapy…and there were/are so many wonderful bloggers out there who were my inspiration to start a blog of my own.. and I will forever be grateful for this journey apart from my full time job

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