My Favourite Green & Yellow Eyeshadow Palette Ever?

Here’s a quick bit of backstory before I proceed with the review (as it’ll help make the review make sense I promise). I was a warm neutrals girl for years… I never wore any other colour on my eyes ever. And then in the last year or so I’ve really starting dipping my toes in the water… starting out with orange, moving on to yellow and then slowly spreading out to the other colours of the rainbow. But one colour I was seriously lacking in my collection and one colour I could never seem to get to work for me was green. And as someone who has green flecks in my eyes (which are mainly brown), it’s a colour I’ve always wanted… and then comes along Charlie Betty Beauty with their The Earth Palette!

Created in the depths of the 2020 lockdown in the UK, it’s a brand that celebrates people (regardless of gender or race) and helps them be ‘the sassiest, most confident version of themselves’. Which is sort of my motto going into 2021, so I’m down for that!

Item is gifted, but all opinions are my own.

Price & Packaging

The palette is encased in a briefcase style black box with silver accents and a decent sized mirror. The packaging is a little chunky, but it does add to the vibe of the palette so I’m not going to complain too much! The pans are a really good size and the names of the colours are printed on the palette…. which is a real pet peeve of mine when it’s not! Because we also lose that plastic oversheet thing you get…

The price is £28, putting it pretty much in the middle of eyeshadow palette prices. Somewhere inbetween drugstore and high end. But you do have 18 decent sized pans in there!

Colour Story

I LOVE the colour story in this! You have the neutrals in there for every day like Virgo (a skin colour tone), Grain (super warm brow), and Taurus (a cooler toned brown), alongside some beautiful pops of earthy colours from yellow to greens to a beautiful red.. and even a purple! You have 13 mattes and 5 shimmers and the shimmers are in such gorgeous shades; purple, gold, two greens and a champagne colour.

The only shade I would say you’re missing (but also not sure what you’d get rid of to put it in) is a black.


As it’s a pressed pigment palette the colour payoff is beautiful. As you can see from the swatches below (also, do you like the slide thing? I got way to excited when I found the feature on WordPress), it’s the yellowy greens that really sing in this palette! The mattes are pigmented, blendable and easy to work with and the shimmers are popping- like seriously Fools Gold (the gold shade… shockingly) and Ivy (the green two swatches along from Fools Gold) are GORGEOUS and Peidot (green toned yellow), Saturn (the mustard yellow shade) and Patchouli (the yellowy green) are three of the most stunningly pigmented matte shades I have ever come across…

Also they look just as bright and vibrant at the end of the day as they did when you applied!

Overall Impressions

So I love this palette! I’m so relieved I’ve found some green shades that work for me and I can’t wait to see what I can create with this palette over the coming months! I posted a green look with this palette on my Instagram between Christmas & New Year and I am still obsessed with how that look came out!

Have you tried this brand? You can find is here:

Katie x

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55 thoughts on “My Favourite Green & Yellow Eyeshadow Palette Ever?

  1. This looking like such an amazing palette. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it looks like they have put so much effort into getting the colour pigmentation right.

  2. I love the shades on this palette! Gaia and Cedar are wow! I don’t know even how to put eyeshadows on, but I would definitely learn for this! Thanks for sharing Katie x

  3. This does look like a fun palette! I’ve been using a lot of neutrals lately. These colors inspire me to try something new and vibrant this year.

  4. Wow..these look so amazing..I loved the slider on the image..what tool/block did you use to make that..?
    Lovely pics as always

  5. I need to try this palette😍 I have hazel eyes and would love to try and use green more but it’s a scary thought! Might have to make a purchase now x

  6. Green and yellow can be such tough colours to work with, and I love that you’ve shared a full review of this palette here 🙂 I’m glad you’ve managed to work with these colours x

  7. Wow, these are some gorgeous colours and I love that they also stay pretty when applied on skin. Would love to have this palette!

  8. Uhuhu to be honest, I have never heard of this brand or seen this palette before but it is really beautiful !! The packaging, style and color story remind me a bit of Plouise 😘😘

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