2021 Makeup Collection & Storage

So with it being the start of a new year, and my also having moved into a new flat, I thought I’d share with you my makeup collection & storage! And also do a bit of a stock take, so that at the end of the year I can make a comparison and see how my collection is getting on!

My makeup is stored in the IKEA Alex 5 drawers and the acrylic organisers are from Amazon! My lipsticks are stored on my desk top, in acrylic drawers… also from Amazon. I really like how my makeup is set up in my current flat and I can’t wait to see how my collection develops in this new space!

Please note, these photos were taken at the end of December, and I have since added in the things I got from my advent calendars, so the numbers do differ slightly from the photos… but do let me know if you want any details on anything!

Face Base Products

Drawer one has face base products in it… so we’re talking foundations, primers, concealers, powders and one lonely setting spray! I think my collection here is pretty reasonable! I have a smaller selection of complete favourites! And to be fair to myself, I feel like I really do rotate through these products…!

Primers – 5

Foundations – 5

Concealer – 6

Powder – 4

Setting Spray – 1

Face Powder Products

I love a good bronzer, blush, highlighter or face palette and this is where they all live! I am loving my collection of these and am really finding myself rotating through everything I own! They’re all so beautiful and this is the part of my collection I’m really enjoying growing… but, as you can see, I’m quickly running out of space!

Bronzer – 7

Blush – 10

Highlighter – 7

Face Palettes – 10

The Eye Drawer

This is the drawer I’ve never quite known how to organise but I’m definitely getting there! We have mascaras, brow products, face tools (if you see what I mean), eyeliners, some of my mini eyeshadow palettes and of course my nail polish! Another part of my collection that I feel hasn’t got completely out of control and I love everything in here!

Mascara – 8

Eyebrow Products – 5

Mini Palettes – 3

Cream Eyeshadow – 1

Eyeliners – 15

Nail Polish – 16

Eyeshadow & Lipstick

Oh hey. The part of my collection that has seriously gotten out of control. But they’re also my passions in life! I love playing with eyeshadow and mixing up my lipsticks on the daily and I LOVE my collection! But I know it’s a lot, and I’m sure it’ll probably end up growing, but meh!

Eyeshadow Palettes – 32

Lipsticks – 27

Lip Pencils – 10

Liquid Lipsticks – 21

Hope you enjoyed a little deep dive into my collection! As always, I know its a lot, but it’s what I love to do!

Katie x

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29 thoughts on “2021 Makeup Collection & Storage

  1. I loved getting a look at your array of items and seeing how you organized your drawers. It is so nice to know exactly where everything is when you want that one item. 🙂

  2. Your collection is way more manageable than mine. I love the way your organized everything and wish I could get mt hands on the Alex 9 drawers.

  3. Finding the perfect makeup storage solution took me forever so I fully relate to the satisfaction when you get it right. My makeup collection is the complete opposite, I have more foundations than anything else x


  4. Oh my goodness! your shadow palettes are goals! I’m not big on makeup but I hope to be one day. I’m embarrassed to say that all of my makeup was bought from the drugstore on sale/discounted haha The one thing I can’t live without though is falsies! Do you wear fake eyelashes? I didn’t see any xo


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