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So I’m such an early riser… I love a good morning. It’s to the detriment to my evening, and I’m a bit of a grandmother and I’m always in bed by 9.30pm… but let’s focus on the mornings ey. I’ve pretty much always been an early riser, but I have gone through stages (ahem University) where you wouldn’t see me out of bed before 10am. So some of these tips I gained in a time I wasn’t an early riser, but some of them are just ingrained into my personality.

Eitherway… here are my top tips to becoming an early riser (or indeed, getting back into the mindset of waking up early when you have to inevitably go back to the office at some point in 2021.

Go To Bed Earlier

Just going to get this one out the way. It’s obvious, but it would also feel weird if I didn’t say it. They say you need 8 hours a night, but realistically listen to what your body needs. I sleep quite lightly, so I find I need more like 10 hours. My older brother gets into a very deep sleep very quickly and regularly only gets 6. And both of us are relatively healthy people. But if you’re struggling to get up, maybe get to bed earlier.

Drink Water Before You Go To Bed

Not only is it good for you… but when you wake up in the morning you’ll find you need to go to the loo… and then you’re out of bed. So you might as well stay out of bed right? Maybe? Worth a try!

Open The Curtains As Soon As You Can

Especially if you’re one of those people who has a habit of getting back into bed, opening the window and letting the outside in helps. Granted it works better in the summer when it’s sunny outside when you wake up. But either way, there’s something about opening your curtains (or blinds if you have them) that just feels like morning.

Wash Your Face First Thing

Like once you’ve got up and done whatever you need to do first thing… then wash your face. It helps wash away the sleep from the night before and leaves you in a much better place to start the day

Get Some Fresh Air

Now if you’re awake, but not awake, fresh air will help! Whether it’s actually leaving your house or just opening your window fresh air is a good thing to help wake you up.

Get Some Exercise In

It could be a walk (fresh air ey) or what I do is a 20-25 min HIT work out on my mat, but whatever it is it gets the blood flowing and your heart beating (not that your body shouldn’t be doing both those things already)! I’m really enjoying EMKFIT on YouTube, but whatever works for you!

Wake Up When Your Alarm Goes Off

When your alarm goes off resist the urge to press snooze. I know how inviting it seems… but I promise you, if you just get up when your alarm goes off it’ll be SO much easier!

And that’s about it! Hoping one of those tips will help you!

Katie x

28 thoughts on “How To Wake Up Earlier…

  1. After this second lockdown I have been struggling getting out of bed before 8.30. if not later! Will have to try these out, hopefully it will work 🙂

  2. Great tips! I’ve always been an early riser. I do find that making it a consistent habit makes it so much easier. I had to isolate a few weeks ago and got out of my routine, found myself waking up later than normal because I was staying up late. If you get up early to go to work, you will find it much easier to stick with this if you continue at the weekend. I believe at lot of this has to do with creating habits that you don’t think about, if you get up to exercise, you shouldn’t be laying for 15mins deciding if you are going to actually do it or not – get up and go!

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

  3. I’m so much more of an night owl than a morning bird, but I can totally agree that whenever I start my day early, I get so much more done 🙂


  4. These are some great ideas to get up early! I’m usually an early riser but I’ve slowly gone into a habit of having a lay in. Therefore I’ll try these!

  5. Its love and hate relationship with me and waking up early. Last month I managed to wake an hour earlier but now I’m back with the regular time, especially in the winter too difficult to be awake earlier. I will try my best 😉

  6. Loving these tips! The first thing I do is make my bed to stop myself from wanting to get back into it. Immediately cleaning up also gets me out of the night mentality and into the day mindset. 🙂

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