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Last year I did monthly makeup wishlists, and while I still wish I could buy most makeup items I see, there’s so much more in life I want to buy than makeup. So I thought for 2020 I would mix it up and talk about all kinds of things; makeup, skincare, fashion, and even tech! And this time I thought I would focus on those pesky January sales!

Am I the only one who finds January sales mega stressful? It’s like brand roll out clothing/makeup items it knows it could never sell full price and pretends it’s giving you some crazy deal? Just me… oh alright then. But here are 9 items I have my eye on and where you can get them.

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick in Parisian Nudes £22.50 £11.25 (Cult Beauty)| There’s something about these lipstick pencils that just makes them so appealing! They’re easy to apply, usually comfortable to wear, and I honestly don’t think I’ve actually tried anything from Laura Mercier… so…

Cat Eye Sunglasses with Gold Detailing £12.50 £3.75 (Accessorize) | I know Summer is a million miles away, but I literally love these glasses. I mean look at them. And they’re almost cheaper than Primark. Can’t go wrong really

Illamasqua Jewel Precision Ink Eye Liner £21 £14 (ASOS) | If this was the black eyeliner I would be on that quicker than you could say… well any word, online ordering does take a little bit of time ok!? But ASOS seem to only have the Jewel ones on sale, however, I’m still completely down for a glittery eyeliner, soo….

Wish list

Laura Mercier Make it Glow Powder & Brush Translucent £38 £25 (ASOS) | Have literally ALWAYS wanted to try this powder, so at a discounted price? Totally worth it

Fitbit – Plum ‘Alta’ Fitness Tracker £100 £85 (Debenhams) | Kinda always wanted a FitBit and can’t really tell you why. I mean £15 is a bit of a shit saving in the grand scheme of things, but it really is adorable in purple!

Benefit Boi-ing AirBrush Concealer £18.50 £9.25 (Cult Beauty) | So I had this concealer back in the old old packaging, and then I lost it. And I don’t think I ever got over it. And at half price it’s the same price as a drugstore concealer. So…

Gallinée Happy Bacteria Face Gift Set (Worth £70.00) £50 £33.50 (Look Fantastic) | Due to all those fun guidelines, I have to tell you I have previous been gifted products by Gallinee (blog post here). However, I have literally LOVED everything I’ve ever tried by them, and their moisturiser is one of the best! So, if there are discounted products, then I’m up for it!

Tan Belted Corduroy Mini Skirt £24 £10 (Dorothy Perkins) | Do I need to say anything? It’s gorgeous. Look at it. Urgh

Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette £39 £27.30 | Is it just me or is £27.30 just a weird price? In other news, I’ve never had one of the Too Faced palettes in the tins, and I’ve always wanted on. Plus, warm neutrals? Sign me up!

What’s on your January sales wishlist?

Katie x

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  1. Illamasqua Jewel Precision Ink Eye Liner this one is on my cart now. Super. You always making some loving lists for my shopping cart.

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