Look Fantastic | April 2018

Look Fantastic Beauty Subscription Service | April 2018
Look Fantastic Beauty Subscription Service | April 2018

Look Fantastic’s April box just screams Spring, from the colour of the box, to the deeply scented bar of soap enclosed. As I write this we have a mini (really mini, 2 days to be exact) heatwave in the UK and the whole thing is just getting me so excited for Summer! This month we have 6 items in the box as well as our monthly edition of Elle Magazine.

Pür Fully Charged Mascara 

This gives volume, lift and definition to the lashes with ‘Magnetic Polymer Matrix’… I swear mascaras are purposefully just trying to confuse us! I’m one of those people who loves getting samples of mascaras, and then I forget they exist, but I will try and remember to give this one a real go!

Look Fantastic Beauty Subscription Service | April 2018

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment 

I’ve tried a product from Glamglow in the past and, I have to say, I wasn’t really impressed. However, that was a glowy mask (which I’m not all about), while this is a mudmask (which I am all about!). So I’m far more excited about this because it targets my biggest skin concern – blemishes.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm 

I can’t believe I still haven’t got round to trying this! I actually feel like I can’t call myself a blogger until I do! However, putting that aside, this has to be a cult classic for a reason… so I will definitely give it a go!

Look Fantastic Beauty Subscription Service | April 2018

NUXE Crème Fraîche de Beauté 

Another day cream (I honestly have about a million of these things)… however, intriguingly this has anti pollution technology. And, as I live in London, that does sound rather fascinating.. so you never know!

Dr Botanicals Vegan Bergamont & Poppy Seed Soap 

This is what is scenting the entire box.. the scent is beautifully overpowering (in a nice way… promise). It’s so fresh and clean and I just want to leave it on the side of my room forever so my room always smells of it! However, it’s an exfoliating bar for face, body and hands with gentle exfoliating poppy seed and shea butter, meaning it will make your skin feel beautiful. And come on, that citrus scent… mmm!

Look Fantastic Beauty Subscription Service | April 2018

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads 

I love these, I’ve already worked my way though about 8 of the full size pots by now. These are a Hyaluronic and Glycolic Acid pads with Witch Hazel that really help to tone! My skin really does look better since using them.

Did you receive a Look Fantastic box this month? What did you think?

Katie x

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  1. Wow! Such a great box! I’ve used and love Nip + Fab products!
    xo, Syd

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