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lip topper 2

Rimmel have launched three lip art top coats or lip glosses. With the idea being you apply these over your current lipsticks to give a glossy finish… so I feel like the term ‘lip art’ a little misleading. They’re £5.49 a pop, so reasonable, and their packaging is simple yet practical.

Lip Topper 1

The applicator is precise and smooth. The formula is also smooth and lightweight and does exactly as it days it does – adding dimension to your lip colours to create a more customised look. However, the formula is fairly sticky and so with very long hair.. it becomes rather aggravating to constantly be fetching hair out of your lips.

I have all three shades, swatched below: #10 (the pearlescent champagne), #20 (the yellow gold – the least wearable) and #30 (the pearl pink colour – definitely my favourite)


Lip Topper

All in all, a lovely concept. But not really one I think I will really be investing in.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

2 thoughts on “New | Rimmel Lip Art

  1. They all look kind of pretty, especially the pink one, but being sticky is definitely not my thing! Thanks for the honest review xx

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