Wear and Compare | Liquid Lipsticks

Wear and Compare | Liquid Lipsticks
Wear and Compare | Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks have been one of those crazes that have taken over the World. Every brand has released one, each with varying success. And, while sorting out lipsticks to write this post, I realised I own like the same shade in every range! Whoops! Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick wear and compare of all my liquid lipstick formulas!

Wear and Compare | Liquid Lipsticks | Swatches

(From left to right)

Collection Vevet Kiss (Caramel)

If you have tried the NYX soft matte creams, and fallen in love this those, then try these. Basically the same thing. Probably shouldn’t say that, but it’s very true.

Max Factor (Chocolate Nectar)

I have a full review of these up on my blog, and anyone who knows anything about me will know I have fallen head over heels in love with these things! They’re super super comfortable on the lips, pigmented, slightly glossy, not sticky, long wearing, not kiss proof (but who cares).. I just love them!

Models Own Lix Matte (Candy Cane)

I don’t know if it’s because this colour just really doesn’t suite me, but this is the only one I own by Models Own, and it’s really not my thing. It just doesn’t sit right on my lips, it’s not the most comfortable thing, and it goes patchy.

Revolution My Sign (Libra)

This is strictly speaking a lip gloss, however it has the pigment of a liquid lip. They’re really balmy on the lips and very pretty and fairly long lasting, just a tad sticky.

Ofra (Charmed)

I have to say this is a beautiful everyday pinky-nude. I can see why people rave about the Ofra liquid lip formulas. An all round great liquid lip. The only I’ve tried from the range, so can’t comment on the formula all round, but this is a definite staple for me.

Lottie Slay All Day (Werk It)

You know what, this is so awkward, but I remember hating this, but can’t remember why. It’s something that’s been buried at the bottom of my collection, I took a photo of for this post, then passed on to a friend.

GOSH (Nougat Crisp)

The GOSH liquid lipsticks can be a tad on the heavy side it not applied with a light hand (or a lip brush), however you can’t fault their pigment, their choice in colours or their longevity. Love mixing these with the Nip+Fab liquid lippies… don’t know why, but their formulas just work so well together!

Maybelline Vivid Matte (Nude Thrill)

You see some people love these, I don’t. I find they crack on my lips not long after being on them. I mean they’re pretty and all, but they just don’t work for me.

Tanya Burr (Martha Moo)

Such a beautiful colour (a lot like Ofra Charmed)! I find this formula good, they’re easy to apply, fairly comfortable on the lips, and it’s pigmented… it just wears away on the inside of your lips more noticeably than other formulas.

B. Liquid Lipstick (Bambi)

I’m not sure you can buy these anymore. However, the B. Liquid Lipsticks are good. Music like the Tanya Burr lipsticks, I like them, I reach for them occasionally, wouldn’t call them amazing.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (Nude-ist)

I used to own more or less the entire range of these, however this seems to be the only shade I reached for, so I downsized my collection massively.. to one. And it’s not because I don’t like the formula, just the colour selection doesn’t really work for me. However, if you can find a colour you like, these are amazing! Super comfortable, long wearing lipsticks that fade and wear well.

Wear and Compare | Liquid Lipsticks | Swatches

(From left to right)

Rimmel Stay Matte (in Pink Blossom)

These are stunning! Super matte and easy to wear. They’re not even that drying considering they have a super matte finish. The bolder shades can be a tad more patchy, but the nuder shades are super pigmented. And overall, a really strong formula.

Revolution Lip kit (Reign)

These are one of those lip products that are good, and I can’t think much more to say about them. Like most liquid lips, they’re pigmented, a tad drying, and fairly long lasting, but the formula doesn’t wow me or disappoint me enough to say anything more.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour (Seduction)

These are more mousse-like than liquid lipstick in the traditional term. It means they are more comfortable and less drying than many others, but I find the wear time isn’t as long, and you often need to wear a lip liner with it.

Ciate Liquid Velvet (Pin Up)

I love this lipstick! The only one I have from the range, but it’s pigmented, easy to wear and long lasting!

L’Oreal Lip Paint (210 Dead Lips)

These lip paints smell divine! They are, like the Revlon ones, more moose-like, and so more comfortable, but a tad harder to work with. There are some stunning and unique shades in the range with an entire line of nude shades!

Max Factor Lipfinity (180)

These are super long lasting.. however, they weirdly flake off my lips and it’s kind of unattractive. For this reason, I tend to steer clear of these liquid lips now. However, some people love them… so it might just be me.

Barry M Matte Me Up (On The Scene)

These liquid lips are so watery, like I can’t explain. It makes them a nightmare to apply. However, they do dry super fast to a super matte finish that is 100% kiss proof – to get this result though, the lipsticks are super drying. I only own one colour from the range, and can’t see myself getting any more.

Nip+Fab (Spice)

These come in so many lovely shades of nudes, they’re pigmented, easy to apply, but rather drying. For this reason I love mixing them with the GOSH lipsticks that are a tad thicker and more moisturising. Together they have a little moisture and the drying down effect you want from a lipstick for it to be kiss proof. Match made in heaven.

Lush (Perspective)

You see I love the bottle, and the brand, but I don’t actually love the lipsticks. They have tiny chunks of shimmer in them, which on the lips feels a little gritty and makes them a little uncomfortable.

NYX (not pictured)

I don’t know why I haven’t photographed a swatch of these.. however, if you haven’t tried any of the NYX lip products.. where have you been? They’re some of the best out there, super affordable, and smell amazing!

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

Katie x

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  1. I love the NYX lip products as well – they are gorgeous! I recently spoke about the soft matte lips on my Holy Grail Products post. I think I’m going to try out more of the Max Factor lip products too xxx

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