How To Stay Comfortable (but Stylish)

How To Stay Comfortable (but Stylish)
How To Stay Comfortable (but Stylish)

“Fashion is pain” or “Beauty is pain” is just the biggest load of rubbish ever! In this day and age being comfortable is everything. And being comfortable is no longer sweats and a basic tee (not that there’s anything wrong with that) with a bare face and boring shoes. So, I thought I would share with you my top ten tricks to staying comfortable… but still somewhat stylish.

Wear what makes you feel good

Possibly the most cringeworthy thing and stereotypical comment ever. But I feel like I need to say this and get this out the way. You will never feel comfortable unless you are wearing something that makes you feel good. If this is jogging bottoms and a slouchy jumper, or a sequin dress and high heels…. go for it. That certainly includes what’s underneath too! We all have that favourite pair of underwear that we always go to to feel good, safe or comfortable. Comfort often starts with the items people can’t see. For guys too, it may be that comfy pair of boxer briefs that helps you get through the day (or girls, if you haven’t worn your man’s boxers yet… or maybe steal his new ones BEFORE he’s worn them.. it will change your life!)

Avoid stiff AND skinny

I feel like you can get away with skinny jeans or super tight fitted clothing if there’s a bit of give in them, or stiff clothes if they’re not too skin tight. But the combination of the two restricts you and you can’t move. There’s nothing worse than those jeans where you can’t actually bend your legs.

Jumper dresses are your best friend

Especially in this weird transitional weather we’re having in England at the moment, when it’s hot, then cold, then rainy, then sunny, jumper dresses are literally the one. Wear them with or without tights, little black boots or sandals, they go well with a variety of jackets and coats… and you can get ready in the morning in 3 seconds flat. Below are some of my favourites in my collection right now:
(PS: The Quiz dress is soo flattering! and yes, I know I have a problem)

How To Stay Comfortable (but Stylish)

Quiz £24.99   |   Boohoo £20   |   ASOS £30   |   ASOS £22   |   New Look £22.99

Fresh minimal makeup

Obviously go with what makes you feel like you, but on those days when I need to feel comfy and put together at the same time, I always head for the same kind of products; a BB Cream (Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream), Concealer (if needed, the Bourjois Radiance Reveal), Powder (Rimmel Stay Matte), Bronzer (Body Shop Honey Bronzer), Brows (L’Oreal Brow Pomade), Simple Brown Eyeshadow (Zoeva Cocoa Blends), Mascara (L’Oreal Paradise Mascara), and an easy to wear lipstick (LOC Lip pencil).

How To Stay Comfortable (but Stylish)

Leave the kitchen sink at home

If you’re one of those people who’s bag is a TARDIS and you carry round everything in case of an emergency, great.. but doesn’t your back hurt? Just carry your essentials. I’m a massive advocate for minimal handbags, and I’m not talking about the bag itself, the stuff in it. All you really need is your keys, purse, phone, tissues and maybe pain killers or your lipstick of the day… your load will be so much lighter, and your back will thank you for it.

Scrap the stilettos for a chunkier heel

I totally get why women wear heels, they make you stand taller, and accentuate all the parts of your body you would want accentuating, and you just feel good in them… plus a lot of the nice shoes have a heel. However, a chunkier heel does just the same job as a thin stiletto heel, while allowing a heck lot more support! Plus, in this weather (as I look outside and it’s grim and trying to rain), who doesn’t love a heeled, ankle boot?

Wear clothes that fit

I’ve been there, it’s summer, and you’ve attempted to get your summer body, but there’s been summer BBQs left right and centre, and you’re just not quite fitting into your clothes. Your weight fluctuates, that’s a fact (unless you’re a magician). I know the size 8 jeans make you feel good in your mind when you wear them, but cutting off blood circulation to your legs is just not fun. Clothes that fit are miles more comfortable…

Maybe avoid the super matte liquid lip

We all love a matte lipstick, but geez can they by drying! Your lips end up chapped by the end of the day, crying out for any king of moisturisation you can give them. While there are some exceptions to the rule, I’ve really been gravitating away to the more satin or glossy lips for that comfortable feeling. The Max Factor Lip Lacquers are so comfy on the lips, dry down to a sort of satin/gloss hybrid finish, and last a surprisingly long time. Plus come in a range of shades, and smell amazing!

Max Factor Honey lacquer 1

Dress for the weather

This may be easier in places where it’s a tad easier to predict. But essentially the weather man is kinda right, at least about the temperature. Dressing for 25deg when it’s 10deg, or vice versa creates an extra layer of uncomfortable. Some tips when the weather is a tad harder to predict:
– wear light layers, this way you can remove them when it’s too hot, but they’re not too much of a hassle to carry round
– tights tights tights. You can go thermal, or weather adapting, or just normal. And if they’re too hot, just take them off and stuff them in your bag. Easy peasy. You can go so opaque with them they’re effectively leggings! If you’re struggling to find tights that you like, Primark do great tights and in different sizes (check the height!).
– Invest in a rain mac. There’s nothing worse than it raining and being warm. A rain mac will keep you dry without heating you up too much, and they usually fit in a little pouch and fit in your bag.

Invest in your shoes

You will spend most of your day in bed, in a chair, or on your feet. Sounds obvious, but they’re the three things you should really invest in. And I don’t necessarily mean money…. more time. Finding shoes that are comfortable can be tough, but it is possible. Because there is nothing worse than having blisters on your feet! And if you’re really struggling, there are some really good insoles out there to help.

What are your tips for staying comfortable?

Katie x

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