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Miss Sporty is often one of those brands that people walk past and basically ignore. But, lets face it, it’s that brand that many of use started off with then we were kids. Their nail polishes (at £2.99) are actually really good (or so I’ve been told) and I obsess over their little eye shadow quads (well especially the brown one), and actually their new lipstick launch is also pretty awesome.

And I feel like this product launched sort of under the radar. I only noticed it because I actually work in Superdrug, and I spend a lot of time opposite the counter trying to find something to do to make the time go by quicker.


However, they’ve launched their 100% rock, well, duo. In the collection their is a Miss Sporty PumpUp Booster 100% Rock Mascara (for £3.99) and a Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster Felt Tip Liner 100% Rock (for £2.99). The mascara has the biggest, fattest and densest wand out there (so do a lot of Miss Sporty’s mascaras), and so it gives mega volume, but also mega clumps… so I guess if you’re into that you’ll love it. The product that really intrigues me if the ‘felt tip’ eyeliner. Now, this annoys me by the fact that it isn’t a traditional felt tip. Instead it’s like a weird hybrid… it’s basically a massive leaded pencil, but with a gel like texture. You obviously can’t do a cat eye flick with this. However if works beautifully if you line your lashes and them smoke the hell out of it. If you’re looking for an eyeliner for this, this is awesome.. also I don’t really know how to sharpen it…

What are your thoughts?


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