New | Barry M Fixing & Priming Sprays

Barry M Fixing & Priming Sprays Review
Barry M Fixing & Priming Sprays Review

Barry M are infamous for their Nail Polishes – like seriously, like I don’t talk about them enough… – but their new launches include 2 fixing sprays and a priming water;

The Flawless Hydro Fix Priming Water is a super quick way to Prime your skin for those days when you are running out of time. It comes at the cost of only £4.99. While it’s cooling and quick, I don’t feel like it does a huge amount to helping to apply your foundation (and the rest of your makeup), and it does prolong the wear of your makeup a little, but not as much as other Primers out there…

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Barry M Fixing & Priming Sprays Review

There are 2 Fixing Sprays in the new range; The Makeup Setting Spray Matte and the Makeup Setting Spray Dewy, which both came at the price of £4.99. I bought the Matte Setting Spray, because I’m not into the whole Dewy look. I feel like, along with the Priming Water, this doesn’t do a lot for your makeup, however, if I’ve forgotten to apply a primer, then I would spray this on top to prolong my makeup a little.

Barry M Fixing & Priming Sprays Review

I feel like I’ve been so negative in this review. But, that’s honestly because, while these products are a great idea and a great addition to the Barry M Makeup Range.. they’re not really my thing.

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