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Throwback makeup? Yeah, bit of an ominous title. Today, I’m sharing with you some of the first makeup items I ever bought! Yes, I know, I am still hoarding these items over a year ago (minus the Rimmel Concealer, which is a repurchase). But I have a special place in my heart of these items. They were my first makeup products, and I’m not going to lie, at this point in my life, I had no idea what to wear makeup!

It took my a long time to completely master the base products. The first foundation I ever bought was the Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation, and let me tell you, this shade is WAY off my skin tone. I only made this mistake once, luckily, but this foundation is completely unwearable and I never use it any more. However, I keep it for memories sake (is this too much…?). So, I went out and I bought a replacement; the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, which is still a nice foundation. However, I find it’s just a little too glowy for me. Yeah… I didn’t do too well on the foundation.

Concealer, however, was a little bit more of a success. The 2 True – yeah who else remembers this brand?! – Be Clear 4 Concealer was actually a nice concealer, and did exactly what I needed it to. However, I learnt very quickly there were just better concealers out there. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer was bought at the same time as the foundation, and this is still a love of mine. I’m on my second tube! Great for highlighting under the eyes.

I bought the Bourjois Bronzing Powder and Highlighter, after seeing Zoella – I know stereotypical – talk about this on her channel. And, to be honest, I bought it because it smelled of chocolate! Whoops! However, although it’s a little glittery and orange for me, I do still reach for it occasionally, so it wasn’t all that bad. My first blush was an MUA Blush, and these things are £1?! Which was probably why I bought it.

The lipsticks were my real success. While I don’t often wear these any more – for obvious reasons, they should be chucked out – I still love these lipsticks, and I own many more than these three. The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks – another recommendation from Zoella – are some of my favourite lipsticks! And these three colours seemed to cover my from every angle; nude, pink and red.

What were your first makeup products, and do you actually still use them? It’s quite interesting to see again!


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7 thoughts on “Throwback Makeup

  1. I wish I still had my first palette. It was by italian brand Pupa, and the packaging was adorable! It was a blue plastic bear, and inside were 6 rosey-purple shadows, cream highlihter and small black and white pencils. It was so cute! I got it for my 13th birthday from a friend, and I loved it so much!
    12 years later, I’m sorry I don’t have it anymore, at least as a table decoration xD
    But I think the lid broke, so I threw it away many years ago 🙁

    1. Yeah, I’m lucky I only started wearing makeup about a year ago, so I basically still have everything. But I still think it’s nice to look back on what you used to wear! 😀 xx

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