200 Beauty/Lifestyle/Food Blog Post Ideas

200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche
200 Blog Post Ideas

Ever been completely stuck on what to write about, and literally have no idea, but you need to write something because you have a schedule and you want to stick to it? Yeah, me too. I find these posts incredibly helpful during that time. So, while I was preparing my 30 day blog post challenge (by the way this is day 1! Wohoo!) I thought I’d share with you the post ideas I came up with;

200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Food Blog Post Ideas

  1. My Favourite Restaurant
  2. What I Ate in a Week
  3. Food Diary
  4. Pintrest Recipes – Tried and Tested
  5. Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas
  6. Easy Snacks (Healthy/Unhealthy)
  7. Inside your fridge/cupboard
  8. Recipe
  9. Favourite Recipe Book
  10. Favourite Things to Eat
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. My Skin Care Favourites
  2. Spring Must Haves
  3. Night Time Beauty Regime
  4. Favourite Beauty Brand
  5. Throwback post – some of your very first beauty products
  6. Beauty Hacks
  7. Product Review
  8. Favourite Products Roundup
  9. ‘Everyday’ Products
  10. DIY Beauty Treatment
  11. Beauty Wishlist
  12. Monthly Favourites
  13. What Products To Take On Holiday – e.g. which products contain SPFs
  14. Best ‘on-the-go’ products
  15. Favourite Subscription Boxes
  16. Product Empties/Mini Reviews
  17. Products you’ve recently purchased
  18. Products you’ve recently tried and loved
  19. Products you’ve recently tried and hated
  20. Products worth the hype
  21. Favourite products growing up
  22. A Roundup of brands you want to try
  23. Upcoming Beauty Launches you are exited about
  24. Pamper Evening Essentials
  25. Get Ready With Me
  26. Must Have Beauty Tools
  27. What’s In Your Shower
  28. Deserted Island Beauty Picks
  29. Bedside Beauty
  30. Best of (your favourite brand)
  31. Top 5 Most Loved Products
  32. Multi-Use Products
  33. Top 5 products under £5
  34. Top 10 products under £10
  35. Best Beauty Advice you’ve been given
  36. Beauty Bargains
  37. Brand Focus
  38. FAQ Post
  39. How Much is my face worth
  40. DIY Face Mask
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Hair Blog Post Ideas

  1. Hair Cair Routine
  2. Go To Hair Styles
  3. Favourite Hair Tools
  4. Favourite Hair Accessories
  5. How To Combat Greasy Hair
  6. Favourite Hair Tutorials
  7. Favourite Hair Products
  8. DIY Hair Mask
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Makeup Blog Post Ideas

  1. Nudes Edit – Favourite nude lips, eyes, nails, etc.
  2. High End/Low End Makeup Starter Kit
  3. My Perfect Mac Palette
  4. Ombre Lips
  5. Makeup I couldn’t ‘Live’ Without
  6. Makeup Collection
  7. Favourite Makeup Books
  8. Most Loved Makeup Tutorials
  9. Makeup Tips for Beginners
  10. Nail Tutorial
  11. What’s In My Makeup Bag
  12. Favourite Mascaras
  13. List of Dupes
  14. Minimal Makeup Routine
  15. Nail Polish picks for the Season
  16. Your Favourite Celebrity Makeup Looks
  17. Feature Content of Someone Else’s Makeup Bag – best friend, sister
  18. Guide To Makeup Brushes
  19. FOTD (Face of the day)
  20. 5 product face
  21. Top 5 Nude Lipsticks
  22. Top 5 Red lipsticks
  23. Makeup storage ideas
  24. Shop my stash
  25. Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes
  26. Top 10 Nail Polishes
  27. Lipstick Collection
  28. Makeup Collection
  29. Nail of the Day Post
  30. Face of Makeup for Under £10/20/30
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. My Go-To Accessories
  2. Shoe Collection
  3. Bag Collection
  4. Colour/Style Scheme Fashion Edit
  5. Special Events Styles
  6. Fashion Basics
  7. First Date Outfit Ideas
  8. Spring Haul
  9. 10 Ways To style…. (a white shirt, a leather skit, converse shoes)
  10. Style inspiration board
  11. Favourite Clothing Store
  12. Budget Outfit Post (give yourself £50 to spend)
  13. OOTD
  14. Fashion Wishlist
  15. What Trends do you Love/Hate
  16. Everyday jewellery
  17. My Favourite… (shoes, bag, scarf, accessory, etc.)
  18. Wardrobe Tour
  19. Look Book
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. My Favourite Magazines
  2. Favourite Netflix Programmes
  3. Mood Board
  4. Fitness Plan
  5. Morning Routine
  6. Evening Routine
  7. Workout Playlist
  8. Home/Room Tour
  9. Things To Do When It Rains
  10. Working Out At Home
  11. Date Night Ideas
  12. Desk Essentials
  13. Tips for Shopping
  14. Book Review
  15. Day In The Life
  16. What’s In My Bag
  17. My Instagram Roundup
  18. What are your favourite apps
  19. Playlist
  20. Q and A
  21. Create a Survey/Quiz for your readers
  22. Interview another Blogger
  23. Lazy Day Essentials
  24. Top 5 Movies
  25. Diary setup
  26. A DIY
  27. What to Take in Your Hand Luggage
  28. Home Decor Wishlist
  29. Wallpapers for Desktops and Mobile Phones
  30. Do a ‘One-Sentence’ story with a boyfriend/friend
  31. If you are home alone, how do you spend it?
  32. Handbag Essentials
  33. Candles Favourites
  34. Realistic Morning Routine
  35. Gift Guides
  36. This/That Tag (Can be Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion)
  37. How to pack lightly
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Personal Blog Post Ideas

  1. Facts About Me
  2. How To Deal With Stress
  3. Bucket List
  4. A Letter to your teenage self
  5. Summer Bucketlist
  6. Reverse Bucket ist – things you’ve accomplished so far in your life
  7. How to you Stay Motivated
  8. What are Your Hobbies
  9. List of Things you Wish you Knew When….
  10. Things Every 20-year-old Should Know How to do – which maybe you don’t
  11. Pictures for every hour of the day
  12. Your 5 Year plan
  13. Guilty Pleasures
  14. How I’ve gained confidence
  15. 5 things that make me happy right now
  16. My First Time Tag
  17. TMI Tag
  18. Boyfriend Tag
  19. How I stay Organised
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

University / Part Time Blog Post Ideas

  1. Revision Tips
  2. My Tips on How to Get a Job
  3. Ways To Save Money at University
  4. My Guide to Surviving High/Secondary School
  5. Dos and Donts of Interviews
  6. My University Experience
  7. My First Job
  8. A Guide to Southampton
  9. Essential Things You’ll Need At University
  10. University Kitchen Checklist
  11. How to Cope with Home Sickness
  12. How to make the most of your time at University
  13. Guide to how to write essays
200 Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Blogging Tips Blog Post Ideas

  1. My Favourite Bloggers
  2. Link Roundup (helpful tips)/Blogging Resources
  3. Favourite Instagram Accounts
  4. My Blogging Style – how it’s changes
  5. Blogging Routine/Process
  6. Where I find Inspiration
  7. Lessons I’ve learnt through blogging
  8. Photography Tips
  9. Roundup of your favourite blog posts
  10. Host a giveaway
  11. Blog Series on a project (e.g. my YouTube account)
  12. Beauty Post Ideas
  13. Why I started Blogging
  14. How To start a blog in 7 days
  15. How to organise your blog
  16. Host your own 30 day challenge/complete another
  17. Favourite Fonts
  18. How do you edit your videos
  19. Free Blogging Resources (images, fonts, planners, etc.)
  20. How to make the most out of social media
  21. Mythbusters: Blogger Edition
  22. Blogging tips
  23. Invite someone to do a guest post
  24. Photo props

I hope these are helpful for you! Sometimes we all need that bit of inspo!

Katie x

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