What’s On My iPhone 2016

What's On My iPhone 5
What's On My iPhone 5

First thing to say is I have an iPhone 5. I bought it off eBay in 2013, and so it’s very much old. But, I love it and I wouldn’t trade it for another one until it’s completely broken. I thought I’d share with you what’s on my phone and some of of my favourite apps.

To start off with, my background is marble – I literally googles Marble iPhone Background. And I love it! It’s so bright and clean.

The bottom bar that’s on every page, I just have my basic communication apps; Phone, Messages, Safari and Facebook Messenger. These are the apps I use most of all and I so like to keep them at the bottom here. But they’re pretty standard, and very uninteresting, so I’ll move on.

On my home page I’ve basically kept all the apps that were there usually. The main app I use on this page is Snapchat. But to be honest this page is fairly basic and it’s remained more or less the same as the day I bought the phone.

I organise all my apps into folders as I find this is the easiest way to sort through things and find apps quickly.


This folder contains all of my games. There’s a few classics here, but there’s one game I really want to tell you about. And it’s ‘Covet’. Basically you enter models into themes fashion events, you plan what they wear, their makeup, hair and shoes and earn money from the score they get. You then spend this money on more clothes. The more money you have, the more content you unlock. It’s strangely addictive and I absolutely love this game!


This has all the apps I use to help me organise and check up on things. I’ve got banking, my mobile provider, the train line (for when I get trains home), unlink (my local bus provider), Tips (the iPhone app), collage (for if I wanna make a collage for instagram), Scnups (it’s a way of making lists with photos), and Avira (security).


This has some apps I use to help me with my health.. and then a random Timetable app… just ignore that one. Workouts has a series of workouts for you to do at home, I love this because you can set a time for your workout, it explains everything through to you, and it’s as simple as that. My FitnessPal is a way of counting calories, although I don’t use it to reach calorie levels or whatnot, it’s a nice way to keep track of what you eat, and it tell you how much sugar, fat, and even vitamins you’ve had today.


These are basically things I use while waiting around! BBC iPlayer and Neflix are video streaming apps. And they’re pretty self explanatory. Spotify is a great music app, I used to have premium, which I had to unsubscribe to to save money. Although I do miss it, so I leave the app here just incase. Guitar tabs gives you chords alongside lyrics to play covers with. iBooks and Podcasts some with the iPhone, and Nano Keyboard I use when I need to tune my viola or find a note for my vocal work but don’t have a keyboard in sight.


These are apps I feel a lot of people have; the Boots Advantage card app, the Super Drug app and the Subway card app allow me to collect point or load offer onto my cards on the go. Amazon is obvious, and my unidays app is for when I forget my student ID card, I can use this to get me discounts.


I don’t use Tumblr anymore, but I keep the app there for sort of memories, my Facebook account is private, as is my WhatsApp. Time hop is a great way to see what you posted on your Facebook page on this day years ago. And then follow me on Instagram and Twitter! (The links are in the ‘Follow Me’ tab)


These are the apps I use to keep track of my blogging. WordPress is the platform I currently use, and I came from Blogger, hence why I have both of them. (you can read what I’ve noticed the difference between these two here) I find both these apps are really great. However, I find there is more you can do on the WordPress app, as there is more you can do on WordPress itself. If you would like me to do a comparison between these two platforms let me know in the comments. And then Bloglovin’ is where I get a lot of my readers, and where I discover loads of new blogs. And pointers is where I find loads of inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed having a little nose of what’s on my iPhone. If there are any apps you recommend, let me know in the comments.

Katie x

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  1. This is such a fun post idea! I don’t know why, but I always like to see what apps people use! Thanks for sharing!


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