All The Streaming TV Recommendations You Could Ever Need | Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and More!

Are you now getting to the drabs of your Netflix account? Where you’ve watched everything you’ve ever wanted to… and unless you start rewatching things, you’re a little lost? Because, let’s face it, it’s been a year! Well… me too! So I thought I’d share with you some of my TV show must sees from across the streaming giants. So whether you have Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney + … or you’re just living on BBC iPlayer, I’ve got you covered!

Click on the below if you want a bit of a summary and my thoughts!

Pretty Little Liars – BBC iPlayer

This is such a rogue one to currently be in BBC iPlayer, but its such a classic! I watched this for the first time in first year of Uni on Netflix and it’s such a good bingeable show if you’ve somehow not seen it. Basically it follows the lives of 4 women following the disappearance of one of their best friends. A mysterious person, known as A, then starts blackmailing them….

New Girl – Netflix

I relate to Jess so darn much! If you’re looking for some light hearted, but heart warming entertainment, then this is your one! Basically follows the life of a slightly hopeless female who moves in with a group of equally hopeless men! Just hilarious

Glow Up – BBC iPlayer

If you’re reading my blog then I’m sure you love a bit of makeup. And I feel like this is such a gem of BBC 3. Effectively it’s a makeup artist competition with 12 amateur (but highly talented) MUAs who are put through challenges every week. The talent? Wow!

Your Face or Mine – Now TV

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan are such a good match on this show. If you’re easily offended, maybe steer clear of this… but basically they take couples, and get them to judge their looks against celebs and members of the public. It sounds a lot funnier than I’m saying!

Emily in Paris – Netflix

One of those marmite shows, this is such a guilty pleasure. This show follows an American Marketing Exec who has to move to Paris for work and can’t speak a word of French. As someone who moved in with their boyfriend’s French family in lockdown 1.. I could relate way too much!

True Blood – Now TV

This is such a dark vampire TV show… but it’s such a good one! Also, on a side note, the books are pretty good too! The series revolves around Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress living in the fictional rural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, and her run in with vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and everything in between!

Love Island – Britbox

The ultimate guilty pleasure. I really don’t feel like I need to explain what this is… but season 2-5 are my fave!

The Boys – Amazon Prime

I recently talked about this in my monthly favourites, it’s such a good gem of a show on Amazon Prime… in fact the writing is amazing! It’s a superhero show, but how they’d realistically be in real life; power (& money) hungry people who do bad things, and their PR agents have to hide it…

Good Omens – Amazon Prime

I mean anything with David Tennant in it is automatically a winner to me. The book of this (by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman) is also one of my favourite books of all time. If you haven’t seen this. Go. It’s a fantasy series that follows a slightly fussy angel called Aziraphale and a loose-living demon called Crowley who team up to form an unlikely duo. The two have become overly fond of life on Earth, and they are forced into forming an alliance in an attempt to stop the approaching Armageddon.

Vampire Diaries & The Originals – Netflix

Vampire Diaries is just such a classic! Don’t feel like I need to explain what it is, however… if you love Vampire Diaries and haven’t seen The Originals, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s a spin off show following the lives of the original vampires!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Netflix

This is adorably mine and Alex’s show, as we watched it from start to finish right at the beginning of our relationship. It’s one of those long running, slightly ridiculous TV shows following the lives of a group of cops in the NYPD.

Schitts Creek – Netflix

One of those shows that takes a little warming up to, it’s the most heartwarming, quirky and random TV shows in the history of TV shows. It follows the life of a privileged family after they lose everything! It takes a little warming up to, so do work your way through your first few episodes!

Sex Education – Netflix

I feel like this is such a good mix between light hearted yet still talking about real proper issues! Socially awkward Otis has learnt a fair amount of sex knowledge from his sex therapist mother… and so when rebel Maeve proposes a school sex-therapy clinic… off he goes!

Suits – Netflix

Let’s just put aside the fact Meghan Markle is in this… it’s actually a really good drama focused around the lives of lawyers where one of the main characters hasn’t actually passed the bar! Another bingeable show with a lot of episodes to keep you busy

You – Netflix

Not only is season 3 coming soon, but this is such a brilliant show! The main character Joe Goldberg is somehow both a loveable and hateable character! A bookstore manager becomes obsessed with a writer who comes into his store…. and he begins stalking her to work his way into her life

The Good Place – Netflix

Another one of those quirky TV shows, this is such a good series and season 1 is the best! Eleanor, who lived a morally corrupt life, dies and ends up in heaven when she knows she shouldn’t be

Modern Family – Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+

This is such a feel good American sitcom. It follows the life of a large, almost too close, family and how they manage… well being a family. I relate to the parents way too much!

Gilmore Girls – Netflix

Lorelai in this show is just amazing! She’s totally who I’d aspire to be when I’m older! But putting that aside, it’s another feel good long running show following the life of a single mother who has a worrying coffee addiction and her daughter who is academically gifted

Death in Paradise – Netflix/Britbox/BBC iPlayer

This is a long term love of mine, I used to watch it with my dad! The idyllic Caribbean locale of Saint-Marie is a paradise island on which most anyone would love to live and work, except for a quintessential English detective who feels like a fish out of water. And you watch as he adjusts to that life and solves murder after murder!

Humans – Britbox

This is such a fascinating show! It explores what life would be if we had human-like robots who helped out the home… and then what would happen if a small selection of these robots happened to have emotions

Jessica Jones – Netflix

Another show with David Tennant, and so another favourite! Jessica is a superhero with super strength who’s a little rough round the edges and is a private detective. David Tennant plays the bad guy who can control people with his mind!

Heroes – BBC iPlayer

I mean the casting of this alone is incredible! You’ll see so many famous faces in here you won’t know what to do! When some ordinary people inexplicably develop superhuman abilities, they use their powers to prevent catastrophes and save humanity from destruction.

Take Me Out – Britbox

This is such a good bit of trash TV. Single ladies across the UK get a chance at a dream date in this game show presented by `matchmaker’ Paddy McGuinness

Orphan Black – Netflix

I watched this such a long time ago, and it was at once point on a few Netflix roundups before. This follows the lives of clones who have grown up apart and find each other, trying to come to the bottom of why they are as they are.

Friday Night Dinner – Netflix/Britbox

The very last season of this came out at the beginning of lockdown 1, and it provided a good level of distraction from everything! It follows a Jewish family on their weekly Friday night dinners. Just hilarious!

Dynasty – Netflix

It’s a netflix remake of a show from the 80s where two of America’s richest families plot and compete against each other to wrest control of the family fortune while trying to control the lives of their children. And Fallon Carrington is just one of the best characters in TV

Killing Eve – BBC iPlayer

Another show where the latest series came out in lockdown 1… Jodie Comer in this is just something else! If you haven’t heard of this show, where you living under a rock?!

Love is Blind – Netflix

I remember this was everywhere, and now we’re waiting for the next season! A load of singles get to know each other without seeing each other face to face, and then decide whether they want to start dating… and then they get to see each other and live together. The best trash TV out there!

Game of Thrones – Now TV

Now while I’m not the biggest fan of the ending (don’t worry I won’t tell you anything) you have a great time getting there! You’ve got dragons, magic, white walkers and a whole lot of fighting over the crown!

Sense 8 – Netflix

One of the most fascinating shows out there… it follows a group of people across the world who can suddenly feel emotions and share skills. Such a brilliant programme!

Girlboss – Netflix

It follows Sophia Amoruso as she sets up Nasty Girl. It’s relatable, light hearted and a brilliant watch! Plus it’s only a season long so it’s a good quick watch!

Working Mums – Netflix

As someone who’s not a mum, and not sure she ever wants to be a mum, I thought I’d never get into a show that focuses around a group of mums in different circumstances all going back to work post having a child. But it’s hilarious and lighthearted!

House – Amazon Prime

I LOVE this show! It follows a rather sarcastic and sometimes grumpy doctor who diagnoses difficult to diagnose illnesses. The episodes can get a little repetitive, but it’s such a good show!

And there you have it… I really hope that somewhere in there you can find a new show to watch that you haven’t yet had the time you watch and enjoy and I can make these last few weeks/months of lockdown a little bit more bareable!

Katie x

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49 thoughts on “All The Streaming TV Recommendations You Could Ever Need | Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and More!

  1. You have some great ones here!! I’m always looking for something new to watch, I feel like I’ve seen everything and get stressed searching haha xx

  2. You have a lot of good recommendations here. Gotta watch Emily in Paris now. I work with some people who speak French and they’re trying to make me learn it. LoL

  3. There are some great recommendations here! I’ve watched many but also so many that I haven’t seen and don’t know how I’ve missed! Definitely adding them to my to watch list.

  4. Ahh I see so many familar shows. I absolutely love Good Omens, but I cancelled my Netflix subscription since the price increased quite a bit, and I have enough streaming subscriptions. But unfortunately nothings that interesting, so this was a heaven sent post haha. I watched a few childhood shows, and I’ve been wanting to watch Brooklyn nine-nine forever, but again on Netflix lol. I noticed you didn’t include a lot of Disney+ shows, so if you have recommendations other than the usual Wandavision, marvel, and star wars, that’d be great. Thanks for these Katie!

    1. I’ve never massively gotten into Disney+… it’s one of those services where I paid for the year upfront, but then barely used! Here are the shows I’ve seen that are on there which I’d recommend; The Simpsons, American Dad, Modern Family, Family Guy, Futurama, Ugly Betty, Once Upon A Time (but only the first few seasons), The Mandalorian. Hope that helps! x

  5. Since lockdown I have watched so much stuff on Netflix that I feel like I’ve seen everything and I always need some inspiration so this was definitely helpful! X

  6. Great list! I watch a lot of series so I’m always looking for something new to watch. Love how you’ve organized this post too, with the little drop down information on each one!

  7. Woah quite a list and quite long!! I dont have access to Amazon prime and britbox but Netflix yea. Not a vampire person at all. Have watched heroes, new girl, suits, modern family. Brooklyn 9 9 is hilarious. Always wanted to watch Emily in Paris downloaded it even but couldn’t get down to it. A few others lighthearted ones such as working mums I’ll check. Really good list! <3
    Isa A. Blogger

    1. No problem! I wanted to make sure I at least had something from every major streaming service, but Netflix does feature heavily as it’s the one I used most and have had the longest! x

  8. I always forget britbox is a thing and then remember i can watch classics like take me out, i wish they still aired new ones of these! I also love friday night dinner!

  9. Omggg you mentioned some of my favs here! I loved Sense 8 and Emily in Paris! And I’m adding some of your recommendations to my list too! Thanks for sharing <3

  10. I had no idea pretty little liars was on bbc iplayer, I managed to get to season 3 before it was removed from netflix so I’m definitely going to be watching that. Some great suggestions here!

    1. I know, it’s a random addition, but I’m currently rewatching it now! And according to the tag on the programme it’s on there for ‘over a year’ so you have time to watch through them all! x

  11. Loved this list! I re-watched Brooklyn Nine Nine recently too! I’m currently on Disney + re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had a binge on Netflix and had to take a step back since I felt like I watched everything Lol. Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynn |

  12. Thanks for these recommendations. I’ve heard so many good things about Pretty Little Liars so I’ll definitely have to get round do that. And I’m planning to watch Brooklyn 99 after I finish the show I’m currently watching! I loved New Girl – especially Cece, Schmidt and little Ruth!

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