30 Signs You’re Now An Adult

So you know when you do something and your first thought is ‘damn is this adulthood’? Yeah… I’m getting more and more like that everyday! And as my 25th Birthday is fast approaching (5 October if any of you wanted to know!), it feels like I now can’t pretend I’m not an adult.

So I thought I’d collate the ‘oh god I’m now an adult’ thoughts I’ve had over the last few weeks…. enjoy!

1. You wash out tins and plastic containers to put them in the recycling

2. You get way too excited when you discover a product that cleans the hob. Perfectly

3. Getting a new wash cloth for the washing up is way too exciting

4. You hate commuting

5. You feel bad for not being productive on your commute

6. You want a house plant

7. Then you kill said house plant, and wonder how you’ll ever keep a human alive when/if you have one

8. Rent creeps up on you really fast and then you suddenly realise you need to move money around to pay it

9. Cooking

10. Working out what to cook

11. Contemplating what’s the easiest thing to batch cook to feed you for the next few days

12. Instead cooking an oven pizza

13. And having cereal because you’re still hungry. And even though it’s not breakfast, it’s totally find because you can chose what you eat

14. You have a full time job

15. Complain endlessly about your full time job

16. But your full time job also defines you, and while you hate to admit it, you’d be pretty bored without it!

17. Do you put diesel or petrol in the car?

18. You ponder why they don’t make petrol cars have a square nozzle and diesel cars a triangle one so they don’t get mixed up

19. You’re never really sure how much of your student loan you’ve actually paid back

20. Will you ever pay your student loan back?

21. Contemplate moving to the bahamas and wonder whether it will follow you

22. If you’re not washing up, you’re looking at a pile of washing up that needs doing

23. How do you produce so much washing up?

24. Buying a new frying pan is way to exciting

25. And the fact your fried egg doesn’t stick to the bottom of your pan is way too exciting

26. You’re always tired

27. You’re in bed at like 9pm

28. You have a number of friends you don’t speak to every day, or even every week, but they’re there for you whenever and for whatever

29. Disney is cool again

30. You now know what being a lefty or righty means… (as an fyi, I mean politics)

Urgh, being an adult sucks right!

Katie x

6 thoughts on “30 Signs You’re Now An Adult

  1. I can relate to so many of these haha! I’m such an adult, I get excited about looking at hoovers, mops, kettles and toasters in shops!


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