My Current Skincare Routine | Summer 2020

summer skincare routine

oh skincare! I feel like if lockdown has done anything, it’s got me to actually and reliably use skincare! And my skin is loving me for it. And, so while my skin’s having a good month, I thought I’d share what it is I’ve been using to get it so!

So before I shoot in, there are 3 things I’m not including in this post. One is water. It doesn’t sound like a skincare item, but keeping your skin and body hydrated it super important. I seriously don’t get round to drinking 2 litres of water a day (because I drink that much in tea), but I aim to drink around 1 litre a day and I can feel the different. Two is diet. I’m quite lucky that my skin isn’t super sensitive to this, but I know for some people certain food can cause real congestion, and it’s worth keeping an eye on. And three is sunscreen. I haven’t ever really found one I love, so it wouldn’t feel right to share. But I do use one.

summer skincare routine

Face Wash – Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear Facial Wash

Realistically I change this pretty much every time I buy them. But this is one I find myself coming back to. And honestly it’s because I find the pump really handy! Feels like a bit of a wobbly start to a skincare routine! But this is what I use exclusively in the shower when I have my morning shower and it’s only a small part in a skincare routine!

Miceller Water – Garnier

I don’t feel like there’s much to say about this product that hasn’t already been said by a million people. I use this either to wipe the night off, or do my first makeup removing at the end of the day. And it just works. Love it. Had a million. Let’s move on

Cleanser – Your Good Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

This has single handedly been the biggest shift in my skincare routine. I am obsessed. I tend to remove the bulk of my makeup with Miceller (just so my cloth doesn’t get too gross too quick), but I’ve been using this every night for a while now! This one is amazing! It’s like a tenner and comes with two clothes. It removes makeup really well, doesn’t strip the skin too much, and it leaves your skin looking and feeling really clean! I’m in the process of testing it again the iconic Liz Earl one, and a side by side comparison will be coming soon…

Glycolic Toners – Nip + Fab Pads & Pixi Glow Tonic

So I’ve been obsessed with the Nip + Fab pads for many a year, and tried other dupes out there, but always come back to them! They work, they’re not too expensive, they don’t dry out, and I just thoroughly enjoy them. But then on came the Pixi Glow Tonic. It’s one of those products I saw everyone raving about but thought ‘ahhh it can’t be that great’…. oh. my. god. it is! It really helps with texture in a way I really can’t compare. I tend to alternate between these two products (using both would be a little ott), and I honestly feel like I’d buy both of them!

summer skincare routine
body shop vitamin e face cream

Facial Oil – Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Oil

Realistically this is the category I’m most fickle about and don’t actually keep up on every day. It’s one of those products that my skin doesn’t massively notice if I don’t use. But it does feel really nice to lather this all over my face and I’ve enjoyed it.

Face Spray – The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Brace yourself for some Body Shop obsessions. I picked this up fairly recently and I’m OBSESSED! It feels really hydrating on the skin, and I love spraying this all over leaving it to settle for a few mins and then continue (I always apply my skincare while drinking tea, so I really don’t mind if I wait!)… I tend to use an oil or a spray and not both.

Eye Cream – Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Cream

I’m quite lucky that I don’t really suffer from any puffy eyes or anything like that, but I really enjoy this eye cream. It can feel a little heavy, but my under eyes look great! I really want to try the Vitamin E eye cream from the Body Shop as I feel like this will be more my speed but I’m obsessed with this packaging. Plus, I opened it in March, I’ve been using it every day and night and I’m only like half way through, so you seriously get your moneys worth!

Moisturiser – Body Shop Vitamin E Cream

Sometimes I have a night cream. Sometimes I don’t. It sort of depends what mood I’m in. However, I love this product! It doesn’t feel too heavy but still packs the moisturising punch! It doesn’t feel sticky – especially while it’s sunny and warm – and it lasts forever.

summer skincare routine
nip + Fab

Lip Balm – Carmex Lip Balm

My lips get dry. Like it’s a serious problem! And this lip balm feels super hydrating but totally not heavy and it’s one of my favs! I do use the Nivea Sooth and Protect when I’m going to spend prolonged time outside (because it has SPF), but I love these two!

Hand Cream – S&G Hand Food or Body Shop

Hand cream has been such a thing at the moment. With all the constant hand washing, it’s proper dried out my hands. I’ve tried a number over the past 6 months… and nothing really beats my old two favs; the Soap & Glory Hand Food and every Body Shop hand cream. They’re both not too heavy/sticky, but are super hydrating. And they all come in good handbag sized boxes!

Body Cream – Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream or Body Shop

I have very dry skin. Like my elbows, knees and shoulder get painfully dry. I’ve recently been using the Sol de Janeiro’s iconic Brazilian Bum Bum cream and I totally get the hype. This is so thick and luxurious without being heavy or sticky and it smells divine! However, it’s expensive, and I ain’t made of money and I go through body cream fast. So my go to are the body butters from the Body Shop. They just do their jobs and they’re a classic! Enough said

Summer skincare routine

Face Mask – No.7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

I honestly believe this has been one of my favourite finds of the year! I’m obsessed. If my skin looks like it needs a little moisture boost. I apply a little bit of this after I cleanse, but before I moisturise. Leave it on for 5-10 mins. Wash it off. And my skin looks fresh as a daisy! Literally love this so much! And also the packaging is awesome, it looks really cool in the bottle, and because it’s like an air tight pump, it’ll really help you get out the dregs from the bottom!

And there you go! Obviously I occasionally dabble in other things. So if other products appear in empties, don’t come at me! But these are my favourites and these are what is just working for me right now. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! So I think I’ll try stick to this for as long as poss!

What do you use in your skincare, and if you have an SPF recommendation, lemme know!

Katie x

22 thoughts on “My Current Skincare Routine | Summer 2020

  1. Wow I am surprised how well the body shop has worked for you! I’ve read so many reviews and opinions online and it always sounds like it doesn’t do much which is why I never tried it. The youth concentrate has got me the MOST intrigued after reading your post. This was a really eyeopening share! 😁

  2. Love your routine! I’m a huge fan of the Nip and Fab and Pixi toners too 😁 For spf I’d recommend trying Avene, it’s the only sunscreen I’ve found so far that doesn’t cause me to breakout x

  3. Love your skin care routine hun!! I see you love the body shop products!! So do I!! I am a body shop at home consultant… I receive lots of discounts and offers! If you want more discounts on your favs, feel free to drop me a message on my Instagram @beautypuzzled or drop me a message on my blog 🙂 Have a lovely day xx

  4. Your skincare seems genuinely healthy. Products that anyone can try on without worrying about it being harmful on their skin. I’ve tried a few body shop products too and they’re great! Try using BOLDEN SPF, I’ve been on it on 2 years now. It’s truly amazing. Great post!

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