FOTD | Bright Yellow Inner Corner

So I’ve recently really been getting into colour. And, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve recently fallen back in love with this palette – the Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Palette. I also really enjoyed my last FOTD post. So, all of that together, means I’m back with another one, using my new found love, and using a little bit of colour.

Now that felt like a ramble!

One of my favourite colours in life is yellow. There’s something so happy and summery about it. And you know when there’s a field full of buttercups? Yup, freaking love that! So the colour I’m popping on the inner corner today? Yup, you guess it. Yellow! Flawless base, nude lip, nude eye, pop of colour on the inner corner.

Base wise I kept it fairly simple, but with good coverage to help the eyeshadow pop! I use the Mac Studio Fix Fluid and the Cover FX Cream Concealer. I love how together this covers up literally everything you could want it to, but you can apply a slightly lighter layer on the forehead to let my freckles peek through!

I bronzed up the face, and gave it a bit of it’s shape back with the Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit. This is seriously one of those palettes I completely forget about, then get it back out and realise I love it! I then used a teeny tiny bit of the Winky Lux Strobing Balm in Radiant Pink. I don’t think this is the best colour match for me, and I’m actually not sure this is my favourite highlighter at all, but it’s a nice texture, a pretty colour and I think the packaging is adorable!

And then the star of the show. The Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Palette. I haven’t really spoken about this palette over here for some time, but it’s a really nice rounded palette. You have a white, a black, a handful of neutrals, two pretty shimmers and then six popping matte colours! This look is actually really simple, it’s Hunty all over the lid, a little big of Mug to deepen up the cream, a tiny bit of Beat just to bring it all together…. and then you go a little mental with Campy on the inner corner. Like I’m talking building it up with your finger as well as a brush. Don’t be afraid to be a little messy with it!

Then use a little bit of eyeliner and mascara to pull everything together and that’s the eye look done.

This is such a cute, but easy eye look and I alternate with different shades every time… so you could use the blue, or green, or purple, or you get the idea!

Brows are just the Max Factor Brow Shaper. Love this product!

If I’ve put a pop of colour anywhere else on the face, I always go with a nude lipstick. And I really feel like you can’t get more classic a nude than the Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick.

And that’s a day! Such a cute look that takes your everyday natural look and just sprinkles a bit of summer on it! On a side note, I hate how long my hair is now. Please hairdressers reopen so I can get a trim and a toner!

What’s been your way of wearing colour recently?

Katie x

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