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I literally had so much fun making this palette. I’ve recently begun getting into coloured eyeshadow again and have rediscovered a love of some old palettes while doing this post. So good times all round! I’m still a warm neutral girl, and it’ll still be my safe space in everything I do, but this palette would be the one bright colourful palette I’d ever need.

The colour palette to end all colour palette

Sound like I’m talking about the one ring from Lord of the Rings. But you get the idea

I mean this palette is effectively the culmination of two of my favourite bright palettes (which are more like a half neutral/half colour palettes) with some stunning shades ticking off pretty much every colour you could physically want! The Juvia’s Place palette is one of the most stunning palettes of all time! I am head over heels obsessed with it and knows it never gets enough love. And then the Lunar Beauty palette. Not only do I have a bit of a bias love for it because I work for The Luna Cinema (close enough right), but the colours in this palette are so bright and vibrant!

Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag – Campy

GOSH To Rock Down Under – Orange

Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag – Kai Kai

Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance – Love Letter

Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag – Pageant Queen

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Mini – Mali

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Mini – Dalia

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Mini – Chai

I seriously need to get this palette made. Anyone got a spare £10k or however much it costs….? But yeah, I am starting to become obsessed with wearing a colour on the inner corner and I could rotate between each of these shades every day!

What would be in your dream colour palette? Would you go as bold as me, or would you focus on one big of the colour wheel?

Katie x

Credit: @newlipstickclub1 @shimmershanny @pan.o.ramics

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