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I remember buying this at Boots, but I don’t remember what got me to that point (funny ey). But regardless of how I got it, it’s not in my collection and (spoiler alert) I’m more than happy to have this around. Too Faced is one of those super popular brands I really haven’t tried a lot of. There’s no real reason for it. Their products constantly appear on wishlists and I’m forever wishing I had them, but here we are.

So this is their Natural Face Palette. It retails at £35 and it’s easily accessible in the UK from most beauty retailers. It’s one of those products that sounds expensive. But then when you sit down, do the maths, and appreciate that it’s a palette with 6 face products in (so they’re literally only £6ish each) it’s actually a steal!

The first thing that hits you in the face with this palette (and in my opinion is slightly too pungent) is the scent. It has this really strong coconut butter scent which I feel is a little overpowering. Although, to give them credit it doesn’t linger on the face once the product has been applied. Having tried very little else from the range, I don’t know how strong the scents of their other palettes and powder products are, but I know it is a selling point and it is something the brand is known for. Just worth watching out.

The palette includes two bronzers (one matte and one shimmer), two blushes (a bright popping pink and a more nude colour) and two stunning highlighters. One thing I really do love about this palette is I feel like I will end up actually using all the shades. Sunny Honey is a really nice cooler matte bronzer and Tropic Like It’s Hot is the stunning bronzer that makes it look like you’ve been out in the sun with a tan. Pink Sand is the perfect everyday blush colour, as someone who’s a little scared of super pink blushes (although do use them), this is the perfect bronzer undertoned blush shade. But then there is a bright pink blush in Pink Wink for those days you’re feeling a little more adventurous. And then the two highlighters are just stunning you have a beautiful champagne colour in Satin Sheets and a more golden highlighter in Starlight!

Formula wide, as you can see from the swatches, these are super pigmented powders. You can apply the quite lightly, or (if you’re not careful) you can go in a little bit ham. However, with a slightly careful hand they’re buildable and really blendable and work really nicely with my foundations! The lasting power is pretty good, though obviously influenced massively by the foundation and I literally have nothing but good things to say for how it makes my skin look.

I literally love this palette

So, past the slightly too much scent that this palette has, it’s a stunning product. The packaging is gorgeous, I love the fact that is has a mirror and the pan sizes are really healthy. I really feel like this is making me want to run down to my local Too Faced counter (when they reopen) and try more from the range, but this is a beautiful find and I couldn’t be happier.

Have you tried this? Or what do you love from Too Faced?

Katie x

15 thoughts on “Review | Too Faced Natural Face Palette

  1. The colors of the palettes are so pretty. But like you wrote, the coconut smell might be too much. My eye allergies can worsen with fragrance. I will skip on this one.

  2. I tried this palette and it’s really good, and like you said the price/quantity of product is something else… I also tried the eyeshadow palette from this collection (Natural eyeshadow palette) and I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan – the colors are nothing special and the pay-off is not the best. But I still think that it’s a good palette for a makeup starter because it has a lot to play! Too faced is a brand that always like to add scent to the products and my favorites are the peach collection, the matte eyeshadow palette is a thing from another world!!

    1. Ooh interesting to hear what you think of their matching eyeshadow palette.. I’ve never tried any of their eyeshadow palettes but have always wanted to! x

  3. I’ve never been brave enough to buy a palette for the price of this one just in case it doesn’t work for me but the colours in this one look so good! May have to keep an eye out for a special offer or something! x

    1. Oh it’s such a beautiful palette! I’m lucky the scent doesn’t bother me too much (as I’m not massively sensitive), but yeah it’s kinda annoying! x

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