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I’ve never been the biggest fan of liquid highlighters, but I really do feel like Revlon is such an underrated makeup brand that I really wanted to give these a chance. Revlon have launched five shades (of which I have three) of their new Colorstay Endless Glow Liquid Highlighters.

At £9.99 a pop they’re definitely affordable, but still towards the higher end of drugstore prices!

Revlon Highlighter 1

First up the colours, I have shade 01 Citrine (my favourite- the pale champagne colour ideal for us pale people), 02 Gold (shockingly, this is a pale gold colour) and 03 Rose Quartz (a rose tined copper, which is too dark for a highlighter for me). The other two shades in the liquid highlighter are 04 Opal (a purple tinted highlighter) and 05 Topaz (a deeper bronze shade).

Revlon Highlighter

The packaging is simple and fuss free, with clear packaging, a black lid and one of the biggest doe foot applicators ever! And, I have to give them credit, the highlighters are pigmented… almost too pigmented. But the real problem with these highlighters is they dry almost instantly. If you apply them to the face and they try and blend them, they ain’t moving anywhere!

Revlon Highlighter 2

However, I find if you apply a bit to the fingers and then try and blend.. it’s still not perfect, but it’s much much better! I have to say I’m not sure I recommend these, but then again, the only liquid highlighters I’ve ever liked were the ones from L’Oreal… so I must just be super super picky! (or… incapable!)

Revlon Highlight 3

On the other hand… most powder highlighters I try, I love! Am I alone in this? Or are you all liquid highlighter fanatics?

Have you tried these?

Katie x

5 thoughts on “New | Revlon Colorstay Endless Glow

  1. I like powder highlighter more because it’s easier to apply and I find liquid and cream to mess up my foundation when I’m trying to blend them in. I have a cream highlighter that I neglect because it’s too dry and it doesn’t blend.

  2. Never tried liquid highlighter with adobe foot applicator. My preference is still powder or cream that I feel like you have more control over. These do look pretty though! x

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