Moving Day!!! & Empty Flat Tour

London Empty Flat Tour
London Empty Flat Tour

I can’t believe, after just over 11 months in this hell hole that is my current flat.. I’M MOVING! It’s happened! Notting Hill has been great, but I’m off to the much quieter, greener area of Ealing. I’m off to my own place and I couldn’t BE more excited!

I’m documenting the whole journey over on my YouTube channel (the packing, the stresses, the unpacking, moving furniture, buying stuff, everything), so if you want the latest lowdown head over there!

London Empty Flat Tour

But it’s a newly converted studio apartment with a sort of separate kitchen and beautiful bathroom all to myself! After living in the mess of my flatmates and the nightmare that has been my flatmates (to be honest) for the past year, I’m done. I’m so ready to be able to go home and know the house is in the state I left it in!

The kitchen is GORGEOUS with marble tops, loads of cabinets, a new oven, new washing machine and new everything!

London Empty Flat Tour

And I’m so looking forward to be able to keep my shower products actually in the bathroom! Also I’ve never had a cupboard in the bathroom which I can use before… and I’m still trying to work out what to put where!

So I will be moving with my essentials today, this being my first day in the apartment, and then mum will be popping up on the weekend to help me move in with the rest of my furniture (the flat only comes with a bed, which arrived last week)!

London Empty Flat Tour

I’m excited about what this will mean for my blog. It’ll give me more chance to mix things up and change my backgrounds and everything! In a few weeks (or months) I’ll be able to share with you the flat all decced out!

London Empty Flat Tour

Here’s to a new era! Hope you like the pics and thought it’s always worth sharing with you what’s going on in my life!

Katie x

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