New | Bourjois Le Petit Strober

Bourjois Le Petit Strober Review
Bourjois Le Petit Strober Review

I feel like Bourjois for me are a base brand, as in their Primers, Foundations, Concealers and Powders are their strong points. I also particularly love their Mascaras. However, I haven’t tried much else for the range.

I saw they had launched a new product, the Le Petit Strober, which is effectively a highlighter in the most adorably small packaging! At £6.99 it’s a pretty reasonable price, and it currently only comes in one shade.

Bourjois Le Petit Strober Review

The packaging is really sweet. It comes in this petite (hence the name) round packaging that pings shut with a really satisfying magnet, has a mirror (which is a nice touch, but really not that usable), and is just generally really sweet. The brush you get with it is not necessarily a bad thing, considering it’s ‘free’, but it is a little naff and a touch scratchy!

Bourjois Le Petit Strober Review

This is definitely a natural highlighter, which is slightly misleading considering the title. It gives a very very subtle lit from within kind of glow. If you like that, then you will probably love that. However, for me I felt like I was really having to look for it, which is very much a shame!

However, there is no chunky glitter, and the colour works really well for my skin tone. So this would probably work really well for those no-makeup makeup days, or for school, or for other situations like that.

Bourjois Le Petit Strober Review

Would I recommend? Probably. Would I run out and repurchase if I lost it or ran out? No

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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