New | Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Palettes

Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Palettes Review
Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Palettes Review

New eyeshadows palettes! Now that’s something to get excited about. Rimmel have just launched their new Magnif-Eyes palettes with the idea that they are the perfect eyeshadow palette to ‘contour your eyes’. There are 3 eyeshadow palettes in the range; Keep Calm and Wear Gold, London Nudes Calling and Grunge Glamour.

The formula of these are nice – but I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite – about 90% of the shadows are pigmented and blendable, but there are the odd shades that are a bit meh. These eyeshadows have a bit of fall out, but nothing drastic. And at £7.99 they’re the same price as the Revolution palettes (which I prefer). However, I do love their collections of shades, they’re right up my street.

Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Palettes Review

London Nudes Calling – contains all lovely coppery nudes. It’s a beautiful palette for those just starting off with makeup and wanting something very wearable.

Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Palettes Review

Grunge Glamour – The shadows are a little more grungier – as the title would suggest. They are deeper, including maroon, dark grey and a few gold-tinted shades. Perfect for those who want their makeup a little more edgy, but with the options to have a natural eye if they please.

Rimmel Magnif-Eyes Palettes Review

And finally, Keep Calm and Wear Gold – This is probably my favourite. It’s a more smokier gold/copper palette than the nude palette. But these shadows are right up my street.

Which palette are you most looking forward to?

Katie x

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