H&M Wishlist | Summer Holiday Edition

H&M Wishlist | Summer Holiday Edition
H&M Wishlist | Summer Holiday Edition

If you watch my vlogs, or follow me on instagram, then you will know that in June I am jetting off to Turkey!!!! Yes, I am very excited. So, prepare for Summer/Travel posts to arrive on my blog as of now! Because I am one of these people who make their packing list now – yes I have started, and there are still 40 days to go!

So, I was browsing through the H&M website to find myself some inspiration and I though I would share with you some of the items I found! H&M is an amazing store, their prices are now nearly as cheap as Primark (?!?!?!?) and their quality is actually really lovely! So, if you haven’t been, I would recommend!

Pineapple Glasses Case £5.99

Have you ever been there, when you’ve got to where you’re going and you find your glasses in the bottom of your bag and they’re broken? Yeah? I have! So, glasses cases for your sun glasses are going to be essential, especially if you’re bringing more than one pair. And I just thought this glasses case was possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Pineapple?!

Cold Shoulder Blouse £19.99

I just thought this blouse was beautiful! I am completely loving the off the shoulder trend at the moment! It’s so classy, yet stylish. However, I feel like you would end up with some odd tan lines.. but what else could a girl want!

Textured Jersey Dress £12.99

This is just a really nice casual dress, I feel like it would be so comfy and easy to wear and you could just chuck it on for a nice day out. Plus, the fact that it’s in white automatically makes it look like a summer piece of clothing!

Beach Dress £7.99

I’m not one to go to the bar in just a bikini, I find it a little odd – I know it’s theoretically socially acceptable, but still. So, I love a good beach cover up! And I just thought this was really beautiful, and for £7.99! Bargain! There’s another ‘cover up’ in this wishlist, which I will talk about in a bit, but I feel like they’re an essential for any female going on holiday to find the sun!

Block Heeled Sandals £14.99

I loved these because they have a little heel, but nothing serious! (I can’t really walk in heels). They’re black, and so would go with everything, and there’s not a lot to them (helping to keep your feet cool), but your feet will still be strapped in, and so you won’t be stopping every 5 minutes to put your shoes back on; this is annoying! Trust!

Patterned Sarong £7.99

Another one of the beach cover ups. This covers your bum and your thighs, so not everything, but it would still give me a little more confidence to walk about in my bikini. It also contains the most beautiful, vibrant colours! I mean look at it!

Bikini Bottoms £7.99 and Bikini Top £14.99

Right I have to admit, I chose these items a few days ago, and since then I have actually gone to H&M and bought this bikini (whoops). But it is still beautiful! They’re not the cheapest bikinis, but H&M have some stunning designs, so if you’re looking for a bikini, I would highly recommend popping along and having a look!

Lace Crop Top £14.99

And what would summer be without an off-white, laced crop top? Well it wouldn’t be summer?! I just think this is stunning and very summer and very me, and that’s all I have to say!

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I hope you are looking forward to more summer/travel posts in the future!

Katie x

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    1. Ahaha! I have that problem now. I’m at uni now and so I’m not wearing my own clothes every day (after being in school for 14 years), and so, I keep spending money like crazy… Whoops!

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