Let’s Talk Jeans… My Verdict on High Street Jeans

Oh jeans. Everyone’s favourite item of clothing, but hands down the hardest thing to find your perfect pair of! I’ve tried so many jeans and I’ve had a number that are beautiful, some that are great but wear through quickly and some that just completely the wrong size despite being my size.

There are hundreds of videos out there outlining how terribly sizes vary between stores. But it’s not just that. The jeans materials between shops varies massively too! So I thought I would share with you where I’ve bought and buy jeans from on the high street and my verdict. These are obviously personal opinions, and it’s totally fair for yours to differ, but I know it’s tough so anything I can do to help…


Thought I’d start with everyone’s favourite fast fashion high street store. In all honesty I haven’t bought jeans from Primark in a few years, so they may have changed. But my experience from them isn’t great! Their sizes are entirely unpredictable, it’s the kind of denim that feels great on wear and wash one, but very quickly loses it’s shape and becomes baggy in a weird way very quickly. And the zipper always breaks… which is just annoying. But they’re super cheap. So…

Miss Selfridge

I’m actually a massive fan of Miss Selfridge. It’s kind of Top Shops baby sister that gets ignored, but it actually better. Their jeans are really nice. They have a really nice stretchy denim which are comfortable and hold their shape. Their sizing is pretty good for my body shape and their pricing is pretty reasonable.


Subject to popular opinion I hate Topshop denim. It’s really lovely quality and they have some amazing styles but they do not fit my body shape at all. I don’t know who they design jeans for. But it ain’t me. I’m a size 10 in every other shop… but Topshop I have to go up to a size 14-16 to get it up round my thighs and bum, but then I have so much excess around my waist. I know Topshop denim is that style of denim that gets a little comfier the longer you’ve had it so you need it to be a little too tight when you first get it. But they just don’t make jeans in my size.


Quiz is such a great store! Often sold in Debenhams, but sometimes they have their own stores too (like there’s one in MK shopping centre). They make great cheap prom dresses and some super cute jumpers and tops for summer. I have a pair of fashion jeans from them (as in they’re embroidered and distressed) and they’re stunning! The fit is pretty good! You can feel it’s a little cheaper than some of their contemporaries as the stitching is a little itchy. But I love Quiz for some slightly more fashiony jeans.


Me and H&M don’t get on. Anything I’ve bought from them has broken or has frayed or anything. I know people have such success with this store, but I just can’t make them work


I’m a big fan of Tesco’s clothing range. They make some really great shaping jeans. And I have a pair of their black high waisted skinny jeans which were explicitly bum lifting and damn do they do a good job! Also, they’re one of those rare finds that have enough space for my thighs, but are tight around the waist. I assume because their target audience is mothers who will have tended to fill out a little, who knows. Also, they haven’t lost their colour whatsoever. Probably my favourite jeans. And really underrated

New Look

So I’m a New Look girl through and through. Most of my wardrobe is from this shop. And it’s my style down to a T. My mom jeans from New Look are my favourite jeans ever and I love them! Some of their jeans are stretchy (like the high waisted skinny jeans) while some of them are more thick (like the retro/mom jeans). They wear really well. And they’re super affordable. The only thing I have to say about New Look jeans though is their black jeans lose their colour fairly quickly. But their blue jeans are my favourites!

And there you go! The highstreet makes some stunning jeans if you can find a fit and style that works for you! And if you haven’t tried your local supermarkets clothing I’d highly recommend it. Some of it is a little… mature (let’s call it), but you can often find some real jems in there!

Where do you buy your jeans from?

Katie x

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Jeans… My Verdict on High Street Jeans

  1. Ugh! I feel you – jeans shopping is literally the worst for me. One size I can’t sit down, the next one up slide off my hips and the crazy range of sizing from one store to another is bonkers! Agree with you on the New Look jeans… they’re the best budget pair I’ve found that last but my splurge on best fit are from River Island (and I usually hate their clothes…) Topshop skinny jeans I found so cold as the fabric was really thin!

    1. omg I feel you! Ooo interesting on River Island, I never feel like I’m really a RI girl (not ‘cool’ enough), but good to know you had a good experience! x

  2. Girl, buying jeans can be hard if you’re not tall, slim and have curvy hips,bum or more shapely legs! Dannii Minogue has a petite clothing line for those under 5 foot 3 and my pair of jeans from this line are my favourite, stretchy, comfy and fit really well! Sadly the clothes don’t ship outside Australia anymore 🙁 I also discovered crop jeans are the perfect full length on me which is a great hack if you’re on the shorter side! xx

    1. yeah I’m tall which means brands automatically assume that means I’m straight up and down. When I have thighs you know! Hehe glad to know you’ve found a hack with cropped jeans! x

  3. I normally get my jeans from Primark as they’re so much cheaper but you’re right about the sizes being unpredictable! I found a really nice fitting pair on Boohoo a few months back and I’d love to get more but I think it must have been a sale pair as I can’t find them anymore! x

  4. Buying jeans was the bane of my existence – they never seem to fit properly. I used to get Joni jeans from Topshop but then I discovered M&S skinny high waisted and my life was changed!!! Amazing jeans for a fraction of the pice. Would definitely recommend.

    Pennies into pounds | penniesintopounds.wordpress.com

  5. Jeans are such a headache to buy! I stopped trying to buy online as nothing would ever fit, but when I tried New Look I never looked back! By far the best ones I tried! Maybe the only other brand I bought and liked the fit was Levis but they are more on the expensive side. Thanks for sharing the other brands, i might check out Quiz when I am back to wear jeans and not just leggins lol

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