Decluttering My Lipsticks | Part 2

Lipstick Declutter 2 Top Image

Time to keep going with the decluttering, this time the rest of the drawers. To clarify, anything that can be sent on to friends or family will be. There will be some products going in the bin (mainly because they’re out of date)… BUT there are high street shops that will recycle packaging for you believe it or not. Maybe I should do a blog post on this over the coming weeks…

Lipstick Declutter 5

Drawer Six

I remember trying these ages ago and thinking them very meh (read full review here), and I’ve barely used them since, so I’m just going to call is quits and just get rid of all of them… mental!

Lipstick Declutter 4


Drawer Seven

This is one of those draws that’s just got out of hand, I’m slightly surprised they all fit. I’m going to keep GOSH Matte Liquid Lips in Berry Me and Nip + Fab Liquid Lipstick in Spice, just because they layer nicely together. The Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream in Birthday Suit is brand new and I really want to give the Laritzy lipstick another chance. However, scrap the rest of them.. because I just don’t need this many nude liquid lips!

Lipstick Declutter 3

Drawer Eight

Another over the top drawer full of too many liquid lipsticks…. although there are four firm favourites in here; Ofra Liquid Lip in Charmed (this is actually my second, after I finished my first), Max Factor Honey Lip Lacquer in Chocolate NectarHUDA Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Girlfriend and my new lipstick, Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipsitck in Disorderly. Shall I just just get rid of the rest of em ey…

Lipstick Declutter 10

Drawer 9

The Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux range is one of the best, they’re one of those easy to apply shaped lipsticks and they feel so hydrating on the lips! The Stila lipstick is a beautiful lip balm, but with a tint of colour and with a minty scent. The Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick is lovely, but the packaging just makes it look so unappealing. And the Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick is just in one of those shades I’m never going to wear. Which is such a shame, because it means I haven’t really formed an opinion.

Lipstick Declutter 11

Drawer 10

Both GOSH and Rimmel make really nice drugstore lipsticks, and let’s face is 107 is iconic. There’s no way I’m getting rid of these. And he L’Oreal Color Riche Shine is just stunning, and the No.7 Lipstick in Hot Copper is one of those products that sits in your collection you forget about but it’s gorgeous!

Lipstick Declutter 12

Drawer 11

This is the drawer of all my expensive lipsticks, there is no way I could ever get rid of these…

LIpstick Declutter 13

Drawer 12

While these minis are just adorable… I just never wear an of them. So why am I keeping them? Who knows…

Jeez that was a lot. But it feels so much better to be lighter. And fingers crossed this means I’ll actually wear everything in my collection again!

Katie x

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      1. Uhh I have it but it’s too brown on me, luckily I only got a mini because it looked good and was super hyped but I never wear it

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