Life Update; 2019 & 2020

life update 2019 2020

2019 has been a mental year! I visited Italy for the first time, went on my first solo trip abroad (Budapest), found joy in my job and it was generally a killer year! Clearly, that meant this blog took a massive backseat… however, I’m back!

With the end of the decade fast approaching (oh my god, where did that go), I thought it was a good chance to catch you up on all you missed out!

January | I properly settled into my new flat! Living independently and mould free! Oooh what London is like to live in when you’re not constantly worrying about whether you will die from the inhalation mould, lack of heating, lack of oven, lack of all the necessities you should just have in your flat

February | I decided to dye my hair ginger… kinda loved it you know!

March | This is when all the theatre trips for the year kicked off.  Saw Waitress & Sir Ian McKellen on stage, both exceptional, and one I’d go back and see twice more!

Italy 10

April | We had a random early heatwave. Had a BBQ, sat outside, had a picnic, went on too many walks, got sunburnt. So British.

May | Went to Italy. Fucking insane. Would totally go again! Read all about my trip here

June | Cut a fringe in… unlike the ginger-ness, instantly regretted that one

July | My baby brother moved out of home, more heatwave, more sunburn, and SO much work! Met someone important too…

August | I seemed to have done a lot of drinking in this month. One night of which was pretty much the most insane party I’ve ever been to!

September | More theatre, more drinking, more work, more heatwave…


October | I managed to somehow celebrate my Birthday over the entire month! Went to London Zoo, went to Budapest (by myself may I add, which is quite an achievement) and had many catch ups with many close friends!

November | My brother and I went on a road trip up the East coast and I somehow managed to fit in Secret Cinema, Bon Jovi Experience, Magic Mike, Dear Evan Hansen, An Act of God and Cinderella at the Vaults all into this month… mental really!

December | All the festivities!

Not really going to make any specific plans for 2020, other than the fact I’m staying where I live, staying in the job I love, and hopefully keeping the people I have in my life. Oh, and also… I’m back!

Here’s to the next decade!

Katie x

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