The Boyfriend’s Morning Routine | Pt. 2

morning routine 2

Sometimes you just need the male perspective of things… I’m obviously (well I’d hope so) a female and so I can be a little one sided! I mean, let’s face it usually I’m right (joke!), but Leo started his little morning routine a few weeks back (read part 1 here), and below is the second half- focusing on his haircare etc, routine!

With moisturising over, it’s time to style my hair. Personally, I eschew heavy gels or the “glued” look feeling it to be a bit teen. Instead, I use something to hold my hair while, adding a little more sophistication to the look. Enter the Got2be PhenoMENal range (the Moulding Paste, Defining Cream and Finishing Hairspray). As opposed to the Got2Be Glued range, these products are designed for a groomed, finished look without the clear visual sign of product and allow natural movement of the hair. Further, they leave hair soft to the touch a definite bonus.

Leo Skincare

For a short to medium hair length Got2Be Defining Cream is my number one product. It leaves hair soft and stylish whilst providing hold. This does not provide as much hold as the moulding paste but rather than using more (a mistake that may leave hair looking gelled or greasy) I finish with Got2Be finishing hair spray.

So at this point I’m shaved, showered, moisturised and styled, wearing a clean ironed shirt (with tie unless hot summer in which case sleeves rolled, button undone), suit trousers and either a suit jacket or jumper depending on plan for the day/temperature with polished shoes. Ready for work, right? Not quite, it’s time to decide if a scent is needed.

Some people wear a scent every day others barely do if ever. My go to daily scent is Hugo by Hugo Boss. Hugo is a classic with a musky edge, and it is still popular for one reason – Hugo Boss got it right first time. However, it’s not for everyone so find something that matches your personal scent and style.

Some days though, Hugo isn’t appropriate. In a meeting with senior management or a new client? Maybe it’s time to head on the more sophisticated and complex route. There’s no doubt Aqua di Parma is a very expensive range of cologne. However, for special occasions it can change the whole outlook of an outfit. I favour bergamotto di caldonia. This is a complex, multi-faceted scent with a more “floral” edge lending itself to a fresher feel. One spray is enough, and it lingers all day. It may not be as distinct as Hugo, but it feels vibrant, urbane and polished really meeting that groomed style I seek.

And that’s, it my review of a morning grooming routine and the products that I use. Hope you’ve enjoyed and please pass any comments of feedback to my gorgeous and talented girlfriend Katie. Oh, and remember: with male grooming products Less is More!

Katie x

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