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It is no secret that sitting and home, tucked up in bed, with some snacks, and some binge-worthy TV show on the TV is my favourite place to be! Currently working my way through FleaBag on BBC iPlayer, but sometimes I just want to re-watch a programme I’ve seen 100 times before on my favourite video streaming service; Netflix!

So I’m sharing them with you….

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Gilmore Girls | I mean isn’t this a classic! If I’m anywhere near as cool as Lorelei Gilmore when I’m older I’ll know I’ve made it for life!

iZombie | Ignore the shockingly shocking name, this has nothing to do with Apple products! It’s based around a zombie outbreak in which as long as they continue to eat brains, they remain normal…. they also relive moments of their life. Which is how Liv helps the detective solve crimes!

YOU | One of the creepiest shows I’ve ever watched, but also epic! Literally a show about a mega stalker…

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Black Mirror | Was not a fan of Bandersnatch (the film), but I am OBSESSED with the TV show. It really does make you think, and some of the episodes are just bonkers, but I love how you can really watch them in any order!

Client List | Starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt, it follows the story of a young woman with two kids who has to do whatever it takes to support her family. The friendship between her and her best friend is the best bit!

Vampire Diaries/The Originals | I mean it’s a classic right? If you haven’t seen this… where have you been. And if you loves Vampire Diaries, totally watch The Originals!

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The Society | You remember reading Lord of the Flies in school? Yeah? Well, this is basically a modern equivalent in which all the adults in a town go missing.

Queer Eye | What do you get when you put 5 very camp gay men together to fix up people’s lives? A great show, that’s what!

Pretty Little Liars | This show gets more and more ridiculous the more seasons you go in. The stuff these girls go through…!

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The Good Place | Probably the most bonkers thing to have ever graced the internet. But there’s something really appealing about it, and I love how the episodes are literally like 20 mins

Sex Education | Based in a high school with a lot of sexual issues, this is a hilarious show… intrigued where the second season is going to go!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | One of those light hearted trash TV shows that you can just sit on with it in the background!

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Russian Doll | One of those mini series that will never have a season 2, but also makes it a great little stand alone. In essence, the main characters life gets stuck on a loop and she has to try to break it

Jessica Jones | Pretty much the only marvel thing I’ve ever been obsessed with, and it’s because it’s epic. Season 2 was a bit hit or miss, but season 1 with David Tennant as the villain… a must see!

Stranger Things | If you don’t know about this, where have you been living? Under a rock?!

What’s on your bingeworthy list?

Katie x

6 thoughts on “Bingeworthy Netflix Shows

  1. There is nothing better than being stuck into watching a really good tv series.. Although, it’s boring when you finally come to the end of it and have to start that search for another good one haha.. I loved Vampire Diaries!
    Amber |

  2. I don’t have Netflix but I have seen Pretty Little Liars! The ending is so unexpected but there’s very few shows I get excited about watching like I was for this one 🙂

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